Tested and approved: Flash-Reflex Training with BlazePod

Credits: BlazePod

Angelo learned about BlazePod during an introductory session with a personal trainer. He was an instant fan of its versatility, that he has now brought them into his own home. Today he shares with you everything you need to know about Flash Reflex training with BlazePod.

It’s not just about doing a workout. It’s about challenging yourself to hit it harder and faster each time

What I like most about the BlazePod Flash reflex training is how many variations of workouts you can do with it. They don’t feel as a workout, because you are thinking about hitting those pods as fast as you can. Meanwhile you are training your whole body, and that is exciting. 
Whether you are a gymnast or turnster that wants to build flexibility, or a fitness enthousiast that wishes to get more core strength, with the BlazePods you can actually do this and make it fun. 


The core of the Flash Reflex training and workouts are the pods. These light up according to the exercises you have set. It is up to you to tap them with your hands or feet, all depending on your workout. You can also set challenges with multiple people and in teams.

You should know this about the pods:

– Up to 40 meter Device-to-Pod range with auto-connection

– Powerful RGB LED Lights with 8 bright color options

– Durable and weather-proof for both indoors and out

– Smash-proof exterior allows tap outs with your feet, heavy wall balls, boxing gloves and more

The App

Thanks to the Blazepod app, you can easily choose from a range of activities that best suit your sport or fitness style. You can easily customize workouts on it, add more people, turn off or adjust pods and so on. The app also lets you easily measure your performance millisecond by millisecond. So you can try to break your own records every day. 

Credits: BlazePod

Whether you are an individual looking for a fun way to motivate you while working out or a traininer or physical therapists, you will love BlazePod. Go check their website to see their kits and start your adventure. Tap, I’m out!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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