Column: Take a look inside my life during quarantine


While Spring has started in Belgium, I’m stuck at home and it feels weird. I’m not used to be at home for such a long time without being able to go to school or working on modeling jobs. But as said before, I will make the best out of it!

It’s normal that I miss my friends and family. I’m sure this is a common feeling a lot of us are experiencing. But next to the social contact, especially in real life, I miss my active hobbies the most. From going to school with my bike to dancing three times a week. And I know I can still go for a walk, a little bike tour or go for a run. However it doesn’t feel the same without having my friends around me.

Winners never quit and quitters never win!

Good morning Belgium

Before the lockdown I used to wake up around 6.30AM to get ready to go to school. I would dress up quickly, have breakfast and jump on my bike to be in time for the first class. Nowadays it’s all about taking time to appreciate nature and the essentials of like. When I wake up now I enjoy the sunshine coming through my curtains, the warm feeling that wakes you up and puts and instant smile on your face. Good morning Belgium!

My school work

And even if we’re home for a couple of weeks, my school work doesn’t stop and we have to keep working on tasks at home. Therefor my school launched an amazing thing! They started their own Instagram page where we can stay all connected, teachers and students.

The first post was a video of all the teachers to motivate us at home to keep doing our home work, to stay focused and of course, to stay safe. They also talk about how it’s important to still go out for an individual walk or to have a little break in between the school work. Does your school has a similar tool?

Next to the school work we also focus on the sportive side. Every time we go out to run we us the app STRAVA to count our KM’s. When we all run 10.000km together, we get a big party from the school! This is seriously motivating me to stay active. And at the same time, we stay connected. Team work makes the dream work…

@Margaux.Deckers on Instagram

Staying active

I do use the school’s Instagram page a lot and I’m sure we will reach the 10.000km in now time. However I have to stay active on another level as I’m a model and dancer. So every other morning I put my running clothes on and run into the fields nearby my home. It’s quiet, no traffic noise and only birds. I actually never realized how beautiful the nature is around the place I live at and once more it shows me how much I’ve been missing out on. Taking time to go back to the essentials and to focus on your health, are truly giving you another perspective of life.

Training my muscles is important as well. Especially as I love dancing and I do it on a professional level. I need to keep practicing to avoid gaining wait during the lockdown as it’s actually very tempting to go to the fridge whenever we feel a little hungry! A part of me could eat for days and the angel on my older shoulder tells me do stay sticked to my daily routines from before the quarantine to avoid loosing rhythm.

Therefor I try, next to working out on a daily base, to eat healthy as well. Every morning we start with a good breakfast. Yoghurts with granola, eggs and bacon or avocado. Delicious and it helps me to keep a balanced lifestyle.

Always make a plan

It’s easy to loose your focus when getting in a routine. And it’s quite normal to get stuck into that pattern. We can only stay at home, go for a walk or run once a day and what to we do next to that? In my case it’s homework. Therefor I make a week plan. When will I focus on my English class? Or what about Maths or Biology? It helps me to make sure that all my homework is done.

Talking about that plan, today it will be English and I have to make a resume of 12 pages! It will ask a lot of time and concentration to fulfill that completely.

Do you know what I do when I’m fed up with my schoolwork? I make TikTok videos as it’s so much fun. You can check out my account, @Margauxdeckers, and tell me what you think. We can even do duets! This app gives me the possibility to dance during the lockdown and it helps me to relax in between all the tasks. By the way, my current favorite account is Charli Damelio. She is so great!

And so the days are passing by. Slowly but quickly enough if you realize that by the end of the lockdown we will have summer. Also so many questions stay unanswered. Can we go back to school this year? What about the exams? Do we have to do this year over or can we go to the next level? Will I see my friends again or will I see them in the holidays? All questions with answers I don’t have. I guess only time will tell!

Take care and stay save! Love, Margaux

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