Swapfiets, the bike that takes you anywhere

It has already been clear that 2020 is a year which challenges us both physically and mentally. But it also brings us the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and the world around us. With Swapfiets you can now move easily and efficiently within your own city.

Since there are no long travels planned at the moment, and the traffic jams are becoming more and more present, we have to be inventive about the possibilities around us. We want to discover without wasting too much time and in an ecological and sustainable way. But how do we do this?

How can we discover the beautiful places of our country, move around quickly, and at the same time contribute to our planet? Swapfiets is the answer!

When in doubt, pedal it out

The iconic blue wheel

Swapfiets was founded in 2014 by three students in Delft. Since their launch they have been active in four countries and Belgium is of course one of them. But what exactly is the concept?

With your Swapfiets you can move around at any time of the day or year. Do you want to go to the bakery? The fitness or do you have an appointment? Take your bike and drive there. You might even cross other Swappers, as all bikes are recognizable by their blue front wheel.

And don’t worry if your bike breaks down. Their service is available every day and they will repair it for you within 48 hours. So as long as your subscription runs, you have no worries at all and can enjoy the freedom to move around whenever you want.

Get yourself a bike

I myself, Cindy, decided to use the Swapfiets as I had caught myself using the car much more than necessary. Especially during the lockdown I discovered that I can move myself without these four wheels. But walking to the gym or the supermarket on a daily base is not a long term option either. Then we’ll take the bike I thought!

Within 24h the bike was delivered and I received two locks. With these, my bike is safely secured in front of my door and I can leave the car for unimportant journeys. Now, a week later, I have already used it for several trips. Like going to the city for example and the supermarket, and it has its advantages!

The advantages of using Swapfiets

First of all, I can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather. Normally I would puff myself into sweat in the warm car before the air conditioning was cold enough and think if I wouldn’t leave earlier due to possible traffic. Now I can leave at any time, knowing that there are no traffic jams for cyclists.

Besides that I also work on my condition and thanks to the use of the bike, I stay fit. I have been sitting at home for three months and I long for movement. Two weeks ago I started working out again and yet I feel it’s not enough. So I do that extra by bike.

And finally, because I leave the car behind more often, I help make the world a better place. The emissions of cars, the consumption of petrol and the pollution have been reduced. This makes me feel extra good and motivates me to discover our beautiful country in an ecological way this summer! Those distant journeys will come again later…

Do you live in Antwerp, Brussels, Mechelen, Leuven or Ghent? Then you can use the Swap bike every month, for as long as you like to.

For more information you can visit Swapfiets.be and we are curious to see which beautiful places you will discover with your bike this summer. Let us know and share your pictures by using our tag @Blogzine.be. Bike them!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK in collaboration with Swapfiets

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