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At Blogzine we are real food lovers! We regularly eat together with the whole team during lunch break and then we mostly decide to order some food. It’s easy, fast and we support the local horeca. When ordering we mostly choose between burgers and salads, to pasta or even Chinese. But our ultimate favorite? That is without any doubt sushi from Sushi Shop

Just give me Sushi and wine,

and I will be fine

Sushi is familiar to many of us. You either love it or you don’t. But often we get everyone convinced to love it, just because Sushi Shop offers such a varied range of different sushi’s, bowls, maki’s, yakitori’s and even sando’s! So without a doubt, there is something for everyone.

But choosing from their menu can sometimes be quite challenging. Because let’s face it: ideally you want to taste and try everything. Eating sushi is like going on an adventure trip. You always discover something new! To help you, we present to you our personal favorites and their novelties for the summer.

Our team’s favorites

We always try all the new arrivals and in addition we have our personal favorites. So every order is different and we just love that! And to be honest: we like 99% of the menu. But these 3 are really our favorite sushi’s:

Signature Green Fresh: This roll not only looks super fresh, colorful and playful. It’s also surprisingly delicious and veggie! With ingredients such as avocado, green apple, pink berries, smoked yogurt, green asparagus and beet chioggia, this roll has without a doubt an explosion of flavors.

California French Touch: The California rolls “French Touch” combines the fondant of foie gras with the sweetness of figs and a crunchy touch of praline for your greatest gourmet pleasure. And this combination therefore gives us the perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Signature Gyu Roll: This is without a doubt Angelo’s favorite. Every time we order from Sushi Shop, the Gyu Rolls are right up there with it. In this creation you find ingredients such as beef, carrot, red bell pepper, lime, fried onions and teriyaki sauce. A fusion of flavors conceived by Chef Kei Kobayashi.

Tataki of Salmon

We wouldn’t be ultimate food lovers if we only chose the rolls. That’s why we are introducing you to the Tataki recipes from Sushi Shop. And again, one comes standard with every order: the Tataki Salmon.

The ingredients are: snacked salmon, chilli, ponzu sauce, chives and coriander. All topped with crispy nacho’s!

What’s new for the summer?

Each season, Sushi Shop launches novelties and new sushi boxes. These are temporarily available and are in huge demand! For this summer, Sushi Shop chose to expand their range of bowls with 3 new Poké Bowls. This brings the total to 18 different bowls. We are curious to know which one is your favorite!

The new Poké Bowls are:

Fresh Exotic: A Veggie Poke with mango, avocado and carrot, spiced up with the exotic notes of curry and grated coconut. A gustatory journey for your taste buds!

Spicy Crevette: A Poke with shrimps prepared in tartar, sublimated by the unctuousness of the mango and the acidulous taste of the lime. The touch of red pepper delicately spices up the whole!

Sunset Daurade: A Poke with a summer flavor combining sea bream and apricot, all accompanied by a touch of basil. A soft and sweet mixture to discover!

Would you like to discover these toppers for yourself? Order your favourites through the site or visit Sushi Shop in Brussels and be pampered by the most sympathetic people.

This article has been written in collaboration with Sushi Shop

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