Surf Ponchos: The Ultimate Lifehack 


Surfers all over the world have long accepted the use of the surf poncho and declared it indispensable. Belgian brand ABSRB gives you 3 reasons why their super soft and warm surf ponchos deserve a place in your closet too, even if you’re not a surfer. 

Surf ponchos warp clumsy dress changes to the past!

Natasja is a surfing and snowboarding enthousiast. Since last year she offers her own brand of surf poncho’s for adults and kids, called ABSRB. The name is fitting, since the best feature of the poncho’s is the fact that they absorb all of the water on your skin and dry you very quickly. So after spending a day on the beach, the spacious changing towel gives you warmth and privacy to change. 

But there’s more to the surf poncho than just a nice beach accessory. Here are 3 other reason why the poncho’s will become your best friend:

#1 The better way of couch surfing

Ok ok, we said we weren’t going to talk about surfing anymore, but this is about a different kind of surfing. Netflix and binge-watching has never been more comfortable. Because, honestly, what could be more wonderful than plopping down in the couch in comfort without a pair of tight jeans? Wearing nothing but an amazing poncho, exactly! And best of all, you don’t have to get dressed when the pizza delivery guy rings the doorbell, double-win!

#2 No more camping problems

Ever took a shower on a campsite? Then you know that it is always a struggle to keep your clothes dry in those small shower cabins. Often there is not much room for your clothes and the entire floor is soaking wet after your shower. 

That’s when a surf poncho is a game changer. You put it on before you go to the showers. You only need one small hook to hang it or you fold it over the door. It doesn’t matter if it gets a bit wet, the absorbent and fast drying fabric will still keep you dry and warm. After the shower, you simply put on the poncho again and walk back to your tent or mobile home. You’ll be dry before you know it.  

#3 Your very own quick changing room

Everyone who does outdoor sports like, mountain biking, trail running, triathletes, etc. has found themselves standing next to their car, trying to change clothes, whilst looking for some privacy with a small towel. With a surf poncho you will never flash strangers again when your towel falls off mid-change! 

A surf poncho is a giant towel that you wear and covers everything that needs covering. The poncho’s have extra openings on the side that allow you to easily reach inside, so you can change clothes in the blink of an eye.

Convinced? You can get your own ABSRB surf poncho right away through their webshop! Which print is your favorite?

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