Support local retailers with the BXL gift voucher


The Christmas holidays are now very close and through various social media platforms there has been a special call: give Belgian traders an extra boost this year! At we have also responded to this. Even the City of Brussels has organized a very special action: the BXL-Gift voucher.

The initiative

The minister of Economic Affairs, Fabian Maingain, is the person behind the initiative. And together with the City of Brussels they’ve organized an amazing project. This to support all local stores, entrepreneurs and artists in the vibrant capital city of Belgium.

Get an additional 20% on your purchases

The initiative is giving you the possibility to give a gift voucher, or to purchase vouchers yourself, and go shopping at the participating merchants. You can redeem a maximum of 4 vouchers per location/store. Per voucher you buy, you will receive an extra 20% on your purchases.

This 20% is given as a gift by the City of Brussels and gives you the opportunity to support local merchants even more.

Not only stores, it’s for all local entrepreneurs!

Not only stores take part in this action, all companies can register. Also antique stores, stylists, artists, bookshops and chocolatiers,…

In order to register as a company, you can sign up via the BXL-gift voucher website.

Give someone something magical this season

Christmas is all about giving. Giving love, giving time and that often includes a small present. That’s why you think of local merchants these holidays? They had a very hard year to endure and could certainly use your support.

You can buy the vouchers on the website (click here) and give them to a loved one or go Christmas shopping with them yourself. You will receive them after purchase in a method of your choice: by post, e-mail or download the print version. And with the additional 20% you will be sure to find the perfect gift!

The Blogzine team is supporting the initiative and got chocolates from The Belgian Chocolate Makers

What do you think of the initiative to give extra support to local traders and entrepreneurs? Do you give them a boost with a BXL-Gift voucher? Let us know for sure about your favorite stores in Brussels and who knows, you might even get a nice voucher as a gift! We already got a box of chocolates from The Belgian Chocolate Makers in the meantime…

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with the City of Brussels

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