Studio Noir survived the lockdown with flying colours, but how?

Studio Noir, Jabbeke

The month of September is not only about Belgian artists and designers, we also like to put Belgian entrepreneurs in the spotlight. One of the entrepreneurs is Jemke Dezwarte from Studio Noir, who managed to keep her store running despite the corona crisis.

Shopping is cheaper than therapy and way more satisfying

Not every story starts on day one

Jemke had a passion for creative things like beauty and fashion for a long time, although she didn’t do anything with them for a long time. Initially she was a secretary for many years, but was more dissatisfied than satisfied with it. Fourteen years later she decided that it had been enough and that it was time for new (for her more fun) things. Through freelance work as a makeup artist and her hobby as a blogger she ended up in fashion. Thanks to posting her ‘looks of the day’ she got positive feedback, but most of all she got a lot of questions about her outfits. It made her thinking about what she actually wanted professionally.

It wasn’t until she happened to visit a building in her neighbourhood in 2018 that the puzzle started to solve itself. Jemke opened her store Studio Noir in March 2019 for her first customers. She hasn’t regretted that for a day. The clothing brands in her store are mainly Scandinavian brands like NÜMPH and Moss Copenhagen. Jemke has also thought about the gentlemen. For them there are brands like Anerkjendt, Olymp, New in Town and GABBA.

Fashion brought to the house

Like many other entrepreneurs, Jemke was at her wits’ end at the beginning of the lockdown. Just before it all happened, she celebrated the one year anniversary of her store with a fantastic shopping weekend. Yet the crisis did not bring her down. She came up with a smart way to still sell clothes. With a car full of clothes and racks she went to her customers and delivered at their doors.

“I thought if the customers can’t come to my store,

I’ll go to their home. That has really been my salvation during this past period.”

Support your locals

Jemke is a local entrepreneur herself and therefore knows how important it is to get the support of other entrepreneurs. That’s why you’ll also find brands of local designers in her store. There are jewels from the brands Petite Brunette, Hannelore Handmade and for the men there is also Wolf. 

At Blogzine we find Jemke’s story so inspirational and we hope it inspires you too. Don’t give up and be creative, is the message.

Address: Studio Noir, Constant Permekelaan 25, 8490 Jabbeke

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO in collaboration with Studio Noir

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