Studio Fluo Academy: Be creative with your time

Credits: StudioFluo

Sometimes you feel like learning how to do something better, but don’t feel like searching for hours. Thanks to StudioFluo, finding the perfect tutorials to fine tune your creative skills becomes a lot easier. 

We’re like bouncing balls.
Sometimes we bump into a wall. 
Sometimes we do business in a glitter suit,
while doing a somersault and end with a perfect landing.

Meet StudioFluo

This is exactly how Lies describes herself and Evi. Both ladies have creative jitters and can’t get enough of it. They met as flight attendants soaring the sky and now share their passion for craft and creating with hundreds of others. The limit for creativity is beyond the sky nowadays!

The idea of StudioFluo comes from the classic story where true passion leads to the desire for more (personal) growth and better quality of life. This is how Lies and Evi started their business in 2019 as an creative outlet.  

Now that everyone is more and more digital minded, it’s time for the next step: StudioFluo Academy. With their platform, they want to simplify searching for tutorials and improving your creative skills on your way to becoming a true master. 

Learn from a master

Sometimes you need help from a real expert to become even better at what you already do. Thanks to the StudioFluo Academy, you can digitally fine-tune and strengthen your skills. You will learn from the expertise of the best creators, the professionals who love to share their passion and the experienced craftsmen who have mastered all the tips & tricks. 

As a maker you can join the Academy and immerse yourself in training in various fields going from art, crafting, photography, to health, design and fashion. Guided by our masters and strengthened by the online community of Belgian and Dutch makers!

Earn as a master

On the digital platform, as a masters you can provide your own tutorials. In other words, if you are a good in what you do, you can offer your expertise to others who are eager to learn. So you earn money thanks to sharing your knowledge. 

“We want to hire the best people in their field.
It doesn’t always have to be about art. It can be the best biscuit glazer,
a ceramist or even the best beekeeper!”

How does it work? You provide the content and the StudioFluo Academy provides: 

– Professional video tutorials 

– Sponsorship of material

– An introduction video that you can use on all your channels 

– Guidance throughout the entire process

Credits: Studio Fluo

Invest in StudioFluo! This is possible starting at €500

The ladies of StudioFluo have their sights set on growth. And to cash in on that growth they need you. Thanks to the crowd lending platform WinWinner you get the chance to invest in their plans. Crowd lending is more interesting than saving your money on a dormant account with a minimum interest rate. Thanks to crowd lending you co-invest in a company and you offer young entrepreneurs the chance to grow. A real win-win!

So whether you’re looking to improve your own skills or you want to share your passion with others. The StudioFluo Academy is what you’re looking for. You can sign up now or you can find them on Instagram. The WinWinner Crowd lending campaign is running now, until July 18th. 

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