#Staycation: The 5 greatest trips with kids

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The summer of 2020 was known for our staycation plans. But it looks like this will also count for the coming winter holidays. We already collected 5 nice trips that you can plan these vacations.

 Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need

We’ve had to stay inside for the past few months, and if you have kids, you know this has been anything but fun. Although the second wave of COVID – 19 is raiding our country, we’re still allowed to come out. Belgians decide more and more to postpone travelling and choose a #staycation. 

But what can you do with children now? What’s safe? And how do you make sure you have a pleasant day with your children? Stephanie from Smotherhoods collected some fun trips with kids in this article. 

1. Lock footpath in the Schorre

The provincial domain the Schorre in Boom is mainly known for Tomorrowland, but did you know that this is the ideal trip with children on a vacation? Besides the large playgrounds, climbing, boating and the troll walk you will also find the “Barrevoetspad”. 

This is an 850 meter long walk that you can walk on – how could it be otherwise – barefoot. Your senses will be stimulated the whole walk. You walk in the middle of nature, enjoy the smell of fresh herbs and feel different structures under your feet. My daughter of three was already a huge fan! 

The barefoot path is completely free. At the entrance of the domain you can buy a bag and soap to wash your feet afterwards, but we had provided all this ourselves so we wouldn’t spend any money on it. 

2. Speelgoedmuseum Mechelen 

The ideal trip on a rainy day or just a hot day? The toy museum! Follow the classic route to discover the world of vintage toys. Discover the evolution from porcelain dolls to lego and trains. Go in search of the most expensive teddy bear ever or admire board games from the past. Throughout the walk there are several interactions that the children can do. 

In addition to the classic route, the museum always hosts one or more exhibitions. A visit to the museum has to be paid from the age of three. Check the website for the correct entrance fee. 

3. Lommelse Sahara 

A trip that’s on my bucket list is definitely this place. This area lives up to its name thanks to the large sandy plains that make it seem like you’re in some miniature desert. If you visit this domain with children, be sure to follow the blue route. During this route you will encounter two play elements. In addition to playing in the sand, you can see the Sahara at a height of thirty metres thanks to the climbing tower. Definitely worth a visit if you ask me!

4. Adventure Parc Wavre 

Are your kids a little older and do they like to be the monkey? Then visit without a doubt the Adventure Parc in Wavre. This park offers a beautiful tree course in nature. You’ll find 23 courses high up in the trees, 40 zip lines and a zipline with curves of 320 meters long. Still looking for extra adrenaline? Try one of the five jumps up to 17 meters high. 

Due to the current state of COVID – 19 it is mandatory to make a reservation for your visit. This can be done quickly and easily via their website.

5. Adventure Valley Durbuy 

Going to the Ardennes always feels like a holiday to me. So this place can certainly be visited in times of staycation. Travel to the smallest city in the world for a high dose of adventure and fun. Adventure Valley Durbuy offers a wide range of adventure for children of all ages. Including fun for parents. 

Here you will find a large adventure park with tree courses, caving, ropes courses and extreme jumps. You can also go kayaking or explore the area on a mountain bike. Would you rather take it easy? Then take the tourist train from Durbuy and enjoy numerous viewpoints.

You don’t always have to travel far to have fun. Belgium has a lot of pearls that we sometimes lose sight of. Do you have a nice suggestion? Then be sure to let us know in the comments.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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