Staycation in Brussel: these are Cindy’s favorite hotspots

Over the past few weeks we have all been looking for solutions to make our summer as creative as possible. And even if Cindy would now probably be somewhere between her favourite festivals and the Caribbean, she is currently discovering the cities in our own country. Today she shares with you her favourite spots in Brussels.

And as a full-time traveller, yet before Corona decided otherwise, I have to admit that I seriously underestimated our own capital. Especially during the last few years, since the city of Brussels has taken several initiatives to make shopping, walking and discovering the city more enjoyable. Because even though I used to come there almost every day for work, nowadays it’s limited to lunch meetings with the brands I work with. But now I am secretly very happy to discover Brussels in a completely new way.

Look at me moving around Brussels and eating Belgian waffles

Shopping at Boulevard de Waterloo

When I travel to Brussels, I end up almost every time in the same neighborhood: Boulevard de Waterloo. It’s not only easily accessible from any other city in Belgium, it’s also close to Brussels Central Station. Do you prefer to come by car? Then you can park on the boulevard itself in the Interparking. It’s so big that you’ll always have space there! When leaving the parking, you can go directly to the shopping street.

On Boulevard de Waterloo you will find unique boutiques, large designer stores and you have the opportunity to take a break at any time in one of the many coffee bars.

My favorite boutiques are KURE, a local multi-brands store, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci. Simply because I love beautiful designer bags and and every now and then I let my heart fall in love with a new model…

Cindy’s favorite coffee bars

But a day of shopping, or exploring the city, wouldn’t be complete for me without a breakfast, late brunch or a coffee break.But a day of shopping, or exploring the city, wouldn’t be complete for me without a breakfast, late brunch or a coffee break.

La Fabrique is the most known brasserie and place to have lunch on the Boulevard itself. However, there are many small coffee and brunch bars within walking distance of the shopping street which are definitely worth a visit.

My top three hotspots are just a few minutes away from the Tiffany’s store. Fall in love with the jewelry first and go relax later. Peck20 is my top favorite in this area! You can have a delicious breakfast, enjoy fluffy pancakes and the coffee is delicious. Are you more looking for a cozy place to have lunch? Then you can go to Ancho for the most delicious Mexican dishes and a refreshing homemade iced tea. Or go for a healthy salad at G Spud.

Sightseeing and discovering Brussels

Would you like to explore the city after a nice brunch and shopping afternoon? Then take a walk to Place de Poelaert where you can enjoy a 180° view over the city of Brussels. You’ll also have a Ferris wheel and they have delicious Dutch beignets to end the day with. Or go for a waffle, because there’s nothing like a hot, chocolate-filled Brussels waffle!

About 10minutes further, and on your right of Place de Poelaert, you will arrive at the Sablon district which is my second favorite spot in Brussels!

Brussels has so many places that have yet to be discovered or that have so much to offer. Do you have a favorite place or area in Brussels that you would like to share with us? Then be sure to let us know in the comments.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK in collaboration with the City of Brussels

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