St. Nicholas in times of crisis, how do you deal with it?


If it’s up to my daughter, she selects every toy she finds in the advertising leaflets. Baby toys, toys she already has and which she barely cares about, she doesn’t care; she wants them. And my credit card is getting tighter and tighter. Because how do you tell your child that you have to take a budget into account?

Kids don’t need more toys, they need more adventures

Start by creating the list 

St. Nicholas is one of the most beautiful periods in a child’s life, but for parents it is not always easy. This wonderful holiday also often has a financial downside, which is less attractive. Every parent wants to give his child everything, but it is not always possible. Especially in the times we live in today. It is possible that your child gets fewer presents than his boyfriend at school. Although you can put the blame on St. Nicholas, and this option is attractive, you can also intervene in this situation yourself.  

Look wider

Some parents often find gifts a hassle that can quickly get out of hand. Gifts are expensive. It’s all right if you choose to guard a certain budget, whether for financial reasons or principles. Share these principles with your child. St. Nicholas also has principles and cannot give everything your child wants. 

Teach your child to look wider than just what he actually gets in his shoe. Tell about your principles and do this tailored to your child’s needs. Explain that not every child gets the same amount of presents and that some children get nothing. Discuss topics such as poverty. Ask them to take this into account when making the list. What does your child really want? And if this is very expensive, articulate it honestly. Children understand much more than you think. 

Are you still looking for suitable gifts? Take a look at our article where you can find 15 Sinterklaas gifts under €50.  

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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