SSD’s: The safest place for your data storage

In a world where pictures, data and videos are created on a daily base, it’s important to make sure that you don’t loose any data. So whether we are talking about pictures from your phone and camera, this will give you the solution to keep them safe! Our photographer, Jef Callens, will tell you all about the new SSD from Samsung.

994 Pictures, that’s how many pictures I made on my last holiday to Denmark. And about 320GB was the size of the last video shoot I did for work. So you will probably have many photo’s and video’s too when you love photography and they’re quite dear to your heart. Aren’t they? So it’s best to keep have a good data storage game plan.

Everybody is familiar with Backing up data on external harddisks. But other than to support your coffee-addiction whilst taking a ‘LONG-ASS-TIME’ to back that stuff up, I’ve kind of had it with external harddrives. That’s when I discovered the world of SSD’s: Solid state drives for the nerds amongst us.

Credits: Samsung

During my ongoing search for the best gear for the job, a friend of mine pointed me towards SAMSUNG and their T-Range SSD products. I have been fan of those small and sleek disks ever since. In my current collection I now have several T1’s, a couple T3’s and a bunch of the T5’s. Doesn’t that sound addictive enough? With no moving parts they are not prone to as much damage as the good old spinning hard drives when falling. Because, admit it: we all have our clumsy moments when we drop stuff and the T5’s aluminium body has got you covered when this happens.

Organising is the key to success!

By the way, did I mention that they come in a few nice colours? There are four options: Blue, Red, Black and Gold (for all those who can’t choose). That sleek aluminium case makes it easy to mark your disks, good for keeping them apart.

Personally I use a DYMO labeller for naming my disks, since I have about 20 of these SSD’s. Still not too addicted tho! But how do you know what’s on these disks? I have another tip for you to remember it more easily: post-it book labels are just the same width and you can put about 5 of them on one disk. In that way I stick one of them on for each folder or project I’m working on.

The T5 is the current version of the creditcard sized external SSD being sold by Samsung. They come in 3 sizes: 500 GigaBytes and 1 and 2 TerraBytes. Connecting via USB-C (3.1 gen2) with one of 2 cables that are included in the box. A USB-C to USB-C cable, to use it with the new apple MacBooks or smartphones/tablets, and A USB-C to Regular USB-A cable.

Data storage and high speed

When using it up to max speed, the T5 clocks a transfer speed of about 540MB/s. Practically that comes down to about a 100GB being copied in about 5 minutes. It’s a huge timesaver for me on set. When I’m cleaning up after a shoot is can easily copy all of my cards from my camera straight to these drives.

Credits: Samsung

Also a work disk

As another plus, if your editing 4K video, the disks can also be used as a work-disk as they have a high enough data throughput for professional video applications. You even have a few camera’s that support hooking the SSD’s up to it, to record straight onto those disks! The T3 and T5 range all have the same size what makes it one of the most accessorisable SSD’s out there. You can literally find everything for this piece of kit, from carrying bags to camera-mounts.

And what about your privacy? Maybe you have some video’s or photo’s you don’t ever want to see the light of day. Or you have some work data that is really sensitive, for a business for example. Samsung though of that! The Disks can be password protected via the App to ease your mind and protect your sensitive data.

Credits: Samsung

Last but not least: Samsung just announced their successor to the T5, the aptly named T7 and T7-Touch. Boasting transfer speeds up to double the speed of the T5 at 1050MB/s, available in Black and Silver. The Touch version even includes a fingerprint reader to make that data protection really air-tight. The Touch version is available as we speak and the regular T7 has been announced for Q2 2020. You will find the T5 and T7-Touch on, lots of data storage for the best price!

This article has been written in collaboration with @JEF.CALLENS

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