Splashing swimsuits for our little water rats

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Whether you’re on holiday in your own country or daring to cross borders, you’ll always need swimwear. Especially the children enjoy hours of water fun or play on the beach. We already share the trends of 2020, from exotic prints to back to the 90’s. We list them in advance.

Beach baby – a salty little sweetheart with sandy toes & sun kissed nose

1. Asymmetrical shapes

Asymmetric shapes will be an indispensable feature of this summer’s clothes racks. This trend will also be continued in the swimwear of 2020. It will make your swimwear a little extra.

1. Shein Kids, €9,00 // 2. Vintage Little Creative Factory, €65,- // 3. Scotch & Soda, €54,95

2. Exotic prints

Nothing more ideal in summer than a tropical print. Palm trees, fruits or animal prints, they all make sure we are ready for hours of water fun.

1. JBC, €14,95 // Mango, €25,99 // Claesen’s Swimshort, €32,56

3. Back to retro

Last summer, the swimsuit made its comeback. This nostalgic trend continues into the summer of 2020. The triangle bikinis are back and also the classic swimming trunks are back for kids.

1. Name it, €18,99 // Scotch & Soda, €49,95 // Protest Suzy triangel bikini, €25,99 

4. Striking snobs

Where big brands used to minimize their logo or symbol, now it can’t be striking enough. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein already owned garments in which the brand jumped from afar and this line is continuing into their swimwear of 2020.

1. Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit, €44,90 // Tommy Hilfiger shorts, €44,90 // Calvin Klein, €55

Which trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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