Spend a relaxed weekend at Costa Holanda

Forget about the Costa del Sol, because Costa Holanda is the new place to be! Enjoy an all-inclusive weekend close to the city center of Amsterdam and feel like you’re in the Southern regions thanks to the Corendon Beach Club. Does this sound like paradise? Great! Because that’s how Cindy experienced her weekend as well…

I’m not unknown with traveling as I’m a fulltime traveler since 2017. However, with the Corona measurements and the closed international borders due to these events, my travels have been put on hold. And at first I found it a disaster, but today I’m thankful that I went back to the essentials of life. This because staying at home didn’t only bring me closer to my family and myself, health wise. It also made me discover the beauty of our own country, cities and the destinations close by.

One’s destination is never a place. But a new way of seeing things

And that’s how I discovered Costa Holanda. With our Corendon travel group, the group I’ve been to Egypt with in November, we went a weekend to Amsterdam. It was actually even the first press trip after the lockdown and being all together again gave me an energetic boost for the upcoming months.

Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam

The Corendon Village Hotel is located at a two hours drive from Antwerp and 2h30 if you’re departing from Brussels. And next to being close by home, it’s also situated at only 30minutes from the main shopping center of Amsterdam. This means that it’s not only the best located hotel for a shopping spree, in combination with a day at the beach. It’s also perfect if you want to escape home but stay close by.

At the Village hotel you can enjoy an all-inclusive service. Included in your booking is the use of their shuttle to the Corendon beach club, different sport facilities, the parking at the hotel and also the food and drinks. Next to these offers you can also relax at their spa, swim around at the indoor pool, rent a bike to discover the area or watch the magical sunset at their sky bar.

Are you not into a fancy cocktail night? Then go to their sports bar, next to the buffet restaurant, or go outside for a coffee underneath the Boeing 747.

Make yourself at home

Are you more into a relaxing weekend, without too many activities? Then you will also find your rest at the Village Hotel. Because what do you think about watching a movie with popcorn at their cinema? Or maybe you want to play games with your kids in their game room? It’s all a possibility.

And then we didn’t talk about the food yet. At the hotel you can eat at different restaurant, one of them is the Plaza restaurant. It’s where they serve you a Mediterranean buffet with a large selection of hot and cold meals from different international cuisines. This includes sushi, salads, different desserts and appetizers.

In the morning you can also have breakfast at the Plaza restaurant. At that moment you can also fill your belly with a selection of different meals. Thank about all kind of eggs, cheese plates, cornflakes, yoghurt, fruits, bacon, sausages,… Name it and they have it. The only thing I couldn’t find was salmon, bananas and avocado, my favorite meal after a busy day. Or pancakes for the kids! Even though I’m not a kid anymore, I still love them.

Corendon Beach Club

If you stay at the hotel, and you’ve done your shopping already, you can take the shuttle to the Corendon Beach Club. The club is located at Zandvoor, it’s a 40minutes bus drive from the hotel and this transport is included in your booking.

The Ibiza and bohemian atmosphere of the beach club immediately gets your attention. It’s surrounded with relaxing couches where you can sit at and at the beach itself there’s a special area for the Corendon guests where they can relax while enjoying the view and their holidays. The towels and umbrella’s are included as well.

At the beach club you can of course also sip from a cocktail of a glass of wine. They even have a bits & bites menu where we ordered every plate from. The restaurant is as well on the property itself and serves light, healthy and delicious food. Think about Greek tapas as an appetizer and a Caesar salad for lunch. And if you love a dessert, I recommend the tiramisu.

However, if you’re not a guest at the Village Hotel, you can also visit the Corendon beach club for the price of €50 per person. This includes your food, drinks, towel and sun bed.

This is your captain speaking

And last but not least I have to talk about the most impressive activity of that weekend: visiting the Boeing 747. The plane has been parked at the backyard of the hotel and can be seen from your room. At first it doesn’t look so big, however when you’re in front of it, you suddenly realize how massive and huge the plane actually is.

You can visit the plane and have a look around. Go up the hidden stairs to discover the sleeping area of the staff and have a seat at the captain’s chair, just like I did. And at that moment you can start dreaming about your next destination.

Hello, this is your captain speaking. Welcome on board of the flight going to…

As you can see and read, you can enjoy a wonderful weekend or citytrip at the Costa Holanda. This for only €79 per person, per night and including the all-inclusive service.

For bookings or more informations about the hotel, we kindly invite you to discover everything on the Corendon website. And if you go, please let us know. We might cross each other their this summer as the Blogzine-team is definitely going back soon!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK in collaboration with Corendon

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