Smartphone accessories to step up your #mirrorselfie game

Have you ever heard about the mirror selfies? Influencers and bloggers are known for these kind of pictures and it’s actually very easy. You stand in front of a mirror, take a picture with your phone and show your best pose. Click, click, edit it with a filter and post it on the gram!

But wouldn’t that picture be better if your phone and accessories stand out? Think about a matching case with your outfit, a bag that fits with your phone and some jewellery to finish the look. It might sound too good to be true and a little too perfectionist, but not for iDeal Of Sweden. The Scandinavian brand knowns how to create. fashionable and timeless smartphone accessories. Including matching laptop sleeves, wallets, holders and recently even reusable bottles named “Glacial“. Let’s discover our favourites!

Behind every girl’s selfie is approximately 37, nearly identical photos, that just didn’t make the cut.

The Satin Collection

Shopping for phone accessories is like shopping for a pair of shoes. Every single month I’m searching for a case that matches the new trends, my holidays or mood. It’s actually very easy, especially with this Satin Collection as I’ve been a Lilac lover for over a year now. So as soon as they dropped the 5 different colors, I knew I had to get the Lilac one. Thankfully it’s also one of the hottest colors for 2020. Double win!

Get -15% off on each order when using the code “vandyck15”. It’s valid till the 14th of April.

Antique Roses

Next to following trends, I also love to invest in timeless accessories or colors that go never out of fashion. Two of them are burgundy and emerald green. They are my own favorite colors and when iDeal of Sweden created this warm, botanical and girly collection, I fell in love. The name of the collection is “Antique Roses” and as you can see, they have many accessories that match your phone case. Even better, you can also choose for black or emerald green as an accent color. Mix and match while you’re upgrading your selfie game!

Get -15% off on each order when using the code “vandyck15”. It’s valid till the 14th of April.

Gleaming Licorice

Feminine, chic and elegant. Three keywords that describe the Gleaming Licorice collection of iDeal Of Sweden. These accessories are perfect for any woman who love minimalism, a case that fits any occasion and who are into soft colors. Does this sounds like you? Then we have a match!

Get -15% off on each order when using the code “vandyck15”. It’s valid till the 14th of April.

Now that you’ve discovered how to match your smartphone accessories with your outfits, it’s time to give you a little extra: -15% on all your orders! iDeal of Sweden and Cindy have teamed up to give all the readers a special discount on their selection up till the 14th of April. So don’t miss on on the deal and make sure to keep sharing your mirror selfies, we love them!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with iDeal Of Sweden.

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