Sex toys within a relationship: the big taboo


Sex toys within a relationship. Is it a threat or just an added value? We break the taboo and talk with you about the must have toys.

In 2020, sex toys are still a big taboo. Especially when couples use them. Because for some reason it seems unintelligible that two people, who are happy in a relationship, would use sex toys. Isn’t their sex life good enough anymore? Have they lost the tension? Why do they need those things to have fun in bed?

Life is too short to pretend you’re not into some kinky things. 

Men have prejudice

Let’s start with: nobody needs sex toys. But everyone can use them. Sex toys aren’t an extension of your sex life, they’re a complement. It is often the male partners who are rather suspicious. As soon as sex toys are mentioned, men often think that their wives are not satisfied. That they are inadequate or that they are not good in bed.

Men are often reluctant to introduce sex toys into their sex lives. Besides the fact that they don’t feel good in bed, many sex toys are also aimed at women. What on earth is the use of a sex toy by their wife?

The lies about orgasm

A lot of women have difficulty reaching orgasm from classical sex. Let’s face it, men don’t need much. A few punches and the job is done. With women it’s a lot harder. And okay, we women sometimes don’t dare to come out openly, but assume that of all those women who claim to get an orgasm from classical sex, half of it lies. Because women just need more than a few punches and done. 

Because many women miss an orgasm also lowers their sexual self-image. Some pretend to get an orgasm, others are silent in all languages and think they are happy with the state of affairs. If that’s how you want to live your sex life, that’s okay, but there is a solution and yes, I mean sex toys. 

Variation is the key to a better sex life

So men should be happy that there are sex toys that make masturbation in women more pleasant. In addition, variation is important in our sex life. If you have sex in the same way every time, it will quickly get boring. There are plenty of couples who complain about the boredom in their sex life. Variation can do wonders. Try a quick one in the car or in a public place, we all know that the tension is beneficial and both parties score higher on satisfaction afterwards than after a quick one in bed. 

But we don’t necessarily have to have sex in the car or in the toilet of some pub. Sex toys can offer that variation perfectly. Because that’s another prejudice: once you start having sex toys, you need them every time. That’s not true.

If you have sex with a partner who is only satisfied with his or her pleasure, then there is something wrong in the relationship anyway. So try it, enjoy each other’s pleasure, and that sex party will score higher. 

Give it a shot

Are you in a relationship where you could use some variation on sex? Believe me, there’s nothing so abnormal about it. But you can do something about it. Look for exciting places or give sex toys a chance. If you let your wife come while she is looking at you as a man, she will experience this much more intensely. Give it a chance, what have you got to lose? 

I solemnly promise you that no matter how impressive a sex toy may look sometimes, it can never compete to a fantastic penis.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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