Chocolate & Blackberries mini cakes

Do you also have troubles choosing just one cake? As there are two teams: team fruit cake or those who love gourmet tarts like chocolate, caramel, cream,… you often end up having a battle about buying a cake everyone likes. Franek found the solution for this problem and shares with us his favorite chocolate and blackberries mini cakes.

Personally, the more caramel there is, the more you can please me!

Don’t worry, we don’t want to make anyone jealous and we all of you to enjoy his favorite cake recipe. So that’s why we share with you a recipe @simply.morane made. It’s a blackberries and dark chocolate with caramel combo. Do we hear anyone screaming for more?

If you don’t know this Morane yet, you should know that she is a young 25 year old dietician from the French speaking part in Belgium. Her first passion is cooking and not just any cooking… She loves sweets of all kinds. Yes, it’s quite contradictory with her job but that’s precisely why we like to throw ourselves even more without feeling guilty about her many recipes which are always more creative and tasty. But hey! We can all enjoy a piece of cake right?

Now that we’ve made your mouth water, here’s the long-awaited recipe: It’s in French but thank God for Google Translate!

Once the tartlet is made, all you have to do is add blackberries, or other fruits according to your taste. Feel free to share this with us on social networks with the #blogzinefood. Enjoy!

This article has been written by @FRANEKLIFE

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