Recipe: Boost your Summer Body & Mind with a Banana and Açai Smoothie


Summer is about making you feel good inside and out. And what better way than to do this with a healthy snack or breakfast, right? Salomé from Nana Cafe in Ghent shared with us a delicious zero-banana waste & açai smoothie (bowl) with only 3 ingredients. And we had to share it with you of course. 


Açai berries have gained a lot of attention in the international press and social media lately as it is known for its many health benefits, a so called ‘superfood’. The grape-like fruit is harvested from palm trees in the rainforests of South-America but nowadays available worldwide. 

Açai contains plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, minerals, everything your body and mind needs to get boosted this summer! So we are glad to share this easy recipe with you so you can fully enjoy it as breakfast, dessert or a wholesome snack. 

Recipe for banana-açai smoothie (bowl):

With only 3 ingredients you can get started:

1. Frozen Açai puree: available in certain supermarkets and specialty stores. 

2. Bananas: the riper, the better! Don’t throw away your spotted, ripe bananas but use them in smoothies or as a base for your banana bread. They are so sweet, which will give your smoothie an exotic and golden taste. 

3. Yoghurt or milk (plant-based): coconut works really well – talking about exotic taste… 

Put them all together in the blender and you’re ready to go!

How do you like your smoothie?

Depending on if you prefer a more liquid smoothie or a solid ice-cream like texture for a smoothie bowl, you could adjust the ratio of the 3 ingredients to your preference. Just try it out and see how you like it. We recommend 2-1-1/2 ratio: 2 portions of bananas, 1 portion of açai, 1/2 portion yoghurt. 

To make it more liquid, you can add more yoghurt or milk, up to your likings. 

Can’t get enough of the yumminess? Nana Gent is a delicious rescued banana café in Gent where you can go for delicious sweets, coffee and (n)ice cream. They have a separate space available also for private events and meetings. Want more recipes, then have a look at these articles.

This article has been written in collaboration with Nana Cafe Ghent

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