Re-set your skin with the Givenchy Ressource line


In a life where we are under pressure every day, we sometimes forget that our skin also needs a re-set. Thanks to Givenchy’s new Ressource line, you make sure your skin gets what it deserves.

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.

Givenchy’s new Ressource line has only one goal: to rebalance the skin’s water flow. But also protect it from all kinds of external factors such as stress. To do this, they use natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. 


The Givenchy Ressource line is natural and consists of 97 percent organic ingredients, including vegetal moss and everlasting flower. They help rebalance the natural circulation of water in the skin and reduce visible signs of stress. Thanks to this specially designed Beauty Moss Complex, your skin is protected and well moisturized all day long. 

Prepare and Sooth

The first essential step in your beauty ritual is to apply the Soothing moisturizing lotion anti-stress. Thanks to the added licorice extract, this lotion soothes the skin and refines its texture, optimizing the next steps’ effectiveness.   


Fortify and protect

The second step towards a healthy and hydrated skin is the application of the Ressource Fortifying Moisturizing Concentrate. Thanks to its lightweight structure and subtle, relaxing scent, it fuses with the skin, so you don’t have to worry about it feeling sticky. The extra added passion fruit extract helps counteract the effects of stress, ensuring a radiant skin in no time.


The last step in your skincare routine is the application of a moisturizing cream. With the Ressource Velvet Moisturizing Cream or the Ressource Rich Moisturizing Cream, you will keep your skin intensively moisturized for 72 hours. The creamy gel with a subtle and relaxing scent is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a healthy glow. Whether you have combination skin or dehydrated skin, there is undoubtedly a match for you, thanks to the two different creams suitable for day and night use.


Test case

Of course, we were very curious about the results. That’s why one of our colleagues tested the Ressource line. She was sick for a few weeks and experienced a lot of stress because of this. After a few uses, she already noticed a difference.

The skin looked healthier and hydrated. The products were gentle and efficient in use, which made every treatment a Zen moment. Thanks to the tropical scent, she felt a little better. And because of this good news, we have become a fan.

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