Raindrop Massage: Wellness for Mind, Body and Soul

Credits: Schoonheidsinstituut Liesl

Nature is perhaps one of the most wonderful things in the world. And often we don’t give enough thought to the positive things we can experience thanks to nature. Fortunately, in recent years nature has been used as a great source of inspiration in the field of skincare and wellness. One particular discovery that has flowed from this is the raindrop massage. Read along to discover more about this. 

Raindrops are not the ones who bring the clouds. They are what makes them disappear.

Raindrop massage

It is not your typical massage, it’s a whole adventure for your mind, body and soul. The name comes from the technique used to apply drops of products to the spine. In combination with some other, special techniques, the effects of such a rain drop massage are so extensive that you can enjoy it for a long time. 

The way the feet, back, neck and shoulders are taking care of, brings you back into harmony with yourself. The benefits include a positive effect on: respiration, muscles, mental well-being, circulation, digestion, nervous system, emotional brain, energetic well-being and much more.

Let’s have a closer look:

1 . Mother nature

For the raindrop massage one of Mother Nature’s most powerful tools are used; essential oils. These are carefully sourced for this experience, taking into account the best harvesting time. The better the harvest time, the better the quality of the oils. The same goes for the way the natural elements are treated before harvesting. Only natural treatment, to have a full natural end product. For this experience purity is key. 

2. Cerebral benefits

Fragrances (scents or aromas) can really do a lot to us. Just think of your favorite scent, and what feeling it evokes in you. The combination of different essential oils diluted with a carrier oil, makes this treatment a true sensation that act on your limbic brain. That brain is responsible for: emotion, motivation, pleasure and your emotional memory. 

3. Age does not matter

This massage is not only used for adults, also young people and children can benefit from it. Young people and children often have a lot of stimuli to process, and a little me-time now and then also helps them to get back into balance.

4. Everchanging effects

The advantage of this treatment is that your mind, body & soul only take in what you need at that moment! So if you have a lot of worries today, it will help you with that, if a few weeks later you have more pain in the muscles, it will work more on that. So special, every time again! The magical thing about this is that you don’t even need to know with your mind which systems we are working on, because your body itself is able to absorb what you need, isn’t it magical?

Curious about this unique experience? You can find this treatment at Beauty Institute Liesl. You book your raindrop massage easily through their Facebook page.

This article has been written in collaboration with LIESL


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