Punta Cana: Halloween at Paradise Garage

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Halloween is the perfect excuse for many to go completely overboard with original and spooky outfits. They are also celebrating Halloween in Punta Cana, and the brand new club Paradise Garage is popping up with a spectacular program. 

Since a few months Punta Cana has a new club and not just any club. Paradise Garage promises to be the only and best gay and queer club Punta Cana with a special program. Since their soft opening in September they have already proven that, by inviting both national and international Superstars. Very soon it will be time for their official Grand Opening. They will do so on Halloween, with a spectacular week of dinner shows, special acts and much more. Mark these days in your calendar. 

Dinner Show (Wed 26/10 – Sunday 30/10)

All week from Wednesday through Sunday, the Illusions cast plays their brand new dinner show. For its launch, there will be a VIP Masquerade on Wednesday and Thursday. For the public, tickets are available for Saturday 29/10 and Sunday 30/10. If you want to enjoy a unique show, great food and extraordinary talent, this is the place to come. 

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Bite Me (Friday 28/10)

That Punta Cana is overflowing with talent is obvious by now. But Paradise Garage doesn’t stop at in-house talent. On Friday, Oct. 28, they invite more than 10 drag artists on stage for a dazzling Vampire themed show called ‘Bite Me’. This one was produced by Edwin Irizarry, Freddy Rios and Manuel Estrella. This performance is available for one night only at Paradise Garage, so those who can’t attend are out of luck! And you don’t want that to happen right? Now that would be horror! 

Halloween Extravaganza (Saturday 29/10)

Paradise Garage is making Halloween even more fun on Saturday, Oct. 29, as during their Halloween Extravaganza they are giving away as much as $2,000 in prizes for those who come in the most original outfits. There will also be a Halloween special performance by the Illusions cast. 

Monsters Ball (Sunday 30/10)

Also on the eve of Halloween, you can join us after the dinner show for a night of clubbing themed Monsters Ball with a special performance. On Sunday, Oct. 30, international talent Angel Hoe along with two dancers and an acrobat will perform a unique Halloween production.

So Halloween promises to be extra exciting in Punta Cana this year. One more reason to plan your vacation. Already booked and still looking for inspiration, here are more tips.

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