These are prettiest printed sandals for spring

In Belgium we are slowly exiting the lockdown measurements and since yesterday we’re allowed to go out again. The stores are finally open as well, which means that only necessary shopping is recommended. “Run-Shopping” is what they call it. But let’s be honest, we are all craving to shop and wear our new spring outfits outside the house.

The same feeling counts for Cindy. As a fashion-lover and traveller, it was kind of a torture to be stuck inside for so long. Discovering placing and being adventurous was a weekly occupation. But since the lockdown it all changed.

Wearing joggers, PJ’s and comfortable home wear became the new trend and after selling all her winter clothes, her closet started to be quite empty. However, there was no need to start buying any clothes for Spring, neither Summer, as we were in quarantine anyways. But luckily these days are getting over and since most of us are lucky to be healthy, we can restart our lives again.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope

Even if we all realize that life will never be the same as before COVID-19, we need to make the best of it and learn from this experience. This includes enjoying the basics of life. While being at home Cindy realized that she had so many materialistic things. However there was nothing as important as the love, support and health of your friends and family.

That being said, she started to reorganize her dressing and only kept the basics. Then decided which trends she wanted to follow and what the essentials are for the upcoming seasons that were missing. Comfortable, trendy and a pair of fun sandals was the answer. So she want on a mission and found her pair of shoes, which she worn for the first time this weekend. What a blessing to enjoy the sun and to eat a delicious ice cream!

Prints are always a good idea

By now we all know that Sacha is one of Cindy’s favorite shoe brands. For a couple of years their different designs and styles have been filling up her closet. But there’s always room for more, especially when there’s a new season.

Sandals are always a big trend during spring and summer. And next to the basics, you have to add a special pair to your collection as well. But instead of going for a bright color, you can choose an animal print for this season!

Discover their whole women shoes collection on

Cindy’s personal choice

And as Cindy was in need of a pair of sandals, adding an animal print to her collection is exactly what she did. The espadrille platform sandals from Sacha are her favorites!

It’s important to choose a pair which you will wear often and can combine with different styles. Styling a print with a basic outfit is always a good idea, but it’s even better if you can wear it with different summer dresses, underneath a casual chic outfit, or even when you go to the beach. Variety is the key to any successful buy!

The espadrille platform sandals are also available in black.

What are your must haves for this season? Do you have any favorite trends that you want to add to your shoe collection? Let us know by leaving a comment or share it on our Social Media by tagging or #BlogzineBE.

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with Sacha Shoes

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