Julian Duggan is the founder of Maison Macolat and the 6th generation of Macadamia farmer located in South Africa. Few years ago he came to Antwerp to study and he decided to stay in Belgium and started a collaboration with a Belgian chocolate brand. The idea was to emphasize the macademia nut with the world’s best chocolate and they succeeded with glam. Maison Macolat is on the Belgian market since February 2020. Currently there are 12 different flavours. From pure and dark to the milk chocolate. Each of them gives an exclusive dimension in the mouth.

The exclusive Advent Calendar

Are you looking for a special gift for the upcoming holidays to surprise your loves ones or maybe to treat yourself? Search no more as Maison Macolat sells an advent calendar with 48 chocolate coated Macadamia Nuts. Experience the most iconic Christmas gift imaginable: 12 beautiful Macolat tastes, both classic, and exotic, with 5 tastes dedicated to a wonderful winter. As you embark on a delightful journey you will discover the story of how the Maison operates, from nut roasting to the flavour experiment room. In the Macolat advent calendar you can find 12 different flavors: from the original dark chocolate to salted caramel, yoghurt, gingerbread but also dark chocolate raspberry and ruby.