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They grow like mushrooms from the ground, one more interesting than the other. But we can’t get away from them any longer: Podcasts are the hype of the moment. Nice to listen to while ironing or in the car. Stephanie already selected a few fun ones with the common topic: parenthood.

How do you find a good podcast? It’s not hard. Podcasts are like a radio show that gives you information. You have podcasts from a few minutes or an hour and a half. The internet is full of them, but once you’ve found a nice one, you’ll be fine.

Radio Mama

Radio Mama, is a podcast created by Kristin, mummy of two little children who takes us through young parenthood and everything that comes with it. In the different episodes Kristin invites different specialists who inform us about all the interesting things about parenthood. Mild parenting, what is it? A father coach who comes to talk about fatherhood or how do you deal with losing a child? As a stranger in the world of the Podcast it is ideal to give it a chance.

I count to 3

I count to 3, is a podcast that promises to tell us all about “true parenthood”. Real stories told with a tear and a smile, thanks to inspirer Steven Gielis. The short episodes are ideal to listen to in between all the hustle and bustle. Nice thing about this podcast is that Steven Gielis also offers answers to questions from listeners. How do I react when my child bites? In short episodes you learn as it were. As a mother myself I find these very interesting!

I know someone who

I know someone who, a podcast run by Nienke, Alex and Hanne who tell different stories about parenthood. At first it takes some getting used to this podcast. The titles often don’t say much and once you sound on a subject it starts with some strange interaction. So you have to wait and see what you really want to hear. Tips and tricks, experiences of yourself and other parents it’s all here. From newborns to adolescents, it’s all covered.

Never thought I’d say this

Never thought I’d say this, is an english spoken podcast but in one word: hillaric.I can’t get rid of laughing with both ladies. Jodie and Celia are two mothers themselves and take on different mother related subjects. Highly recommended to escape once in a while and have a good laugh!

Mensje in de maak

Mensje in de maak, the one more podcast about motherhood? Not quite. Tamar, a woman with a disability and Sophie, who’s transgender, are trying to give birth to a child together. The ivf – podcast takes us into their adventure. These two mothers are special because of their background, but their stories also contain a lot of peculiarities. An honest look behind the reality.

Florine Duif’s Podcast

Being a mother herself, Florine Duif is one of my great examples. Besides her company ‘the mompany’ and her fantastic book ‘Mother Enough’, Florine Duif also has podcasts. In themselves they are not necessarily about children’s parenting, but mainly about the experience of the mother. How do you listen to your feelings now? How do you stop belittling yourself? Highly recommended if you also want to give yourself some attention.

Thanks to the writing of this article Stephanie got immersed in the world of podcasts. She is now already a hard fan, so if you know good ones, be sure to leave them in the comments!

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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