Permanent hair: a dream or a nightmare?


Long beautiful curls without having to spend hours in the bathroom, that sounds like a dream for many ladies with straight hair. Why not choose a permanent to make your dreams come true. Or are you afraid it will turn into a nightmare? In this article, Julie discusses her experience with a permanent. 

Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts. – Jim Morrison

Julie’s story

My hair was naturally very straight and thick without any volume at all. I could work for hours with a curling iron, but in vain, because the curls immediately dropped out. Because I’ve dreamed of having a beautiful bunch of waves all my life, I went looking for an alternative. And quickly ended up with a permanent. While reading the word, I immediately got a certain image in my mind. But after a little more research, it turned out that the poodle phase made a place for a more modern one. 

Although I knew the risks and had read quite mixed reactions from other ladies, I decided to risk the new hairstyle anyway. I entered the hairdressing salon with a brave heart. The hairdresser looked if my hair was strong enough for the treatment and again explained all the pro’s and contra’s to me in detail. She would mainly focus on my hair roots to create more volume and beach waves. After sitting in the salon chair for a long time, I finally got to see the result. My hair was still wet, as I had thick hair that was difficult to dry. But I thought the result was pretty good and went home, not knowing what would come next. 

Hair doesn’t make a woman, but good hair definitely helps.

Goodbye curls

After the first wash, I immediately noticed that the curls just disappeared after a while. No matter how many products I sprayed on them. Furthermore, it was clear that my hair was damaged entirely as little hairs were sticking out everywhere. I also noticed an extreme amount of hair loss. When I went through my hair and pulled out a whole hand full of it. I bought so many products to get my hair healthy again and to keep my curls in shape. But nothing seemed to work. Although my hair had the necessary volume now, I became sadder and sadder when I looked at it. Eventually, I decided to cut a piece of my hair, hoping it would be healthier again.

The aftermath

Currently we are eight months further and my hair is almost entirely healthy again. I don’t have any more hair loss and the frizz is practically gone. I’ve frequently been to the hairdresser to have my hair cut off over and over again. By doing this, they cut the perm out of my hair bit by bit. To get my locks healthy again, I used the olaplex hair perfector number three as a mask regularly. This mask has worked wonders! And I’m regretting that I didn’t discover it sooner. I’ve learned my lesson. I will never have a permanent again.

We hope this article has been useful for the ladies who want to try it but are not sure if they will take the risk. Let us know for sure what your experiences are with a permanent.

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