Our top five must-have Nike sneakers for summer

Now that summer is approaching, and we haven’t had much opportunity to give our feet the comfort and support of the right sneakers. Therefor we’v picked the best summer sneakers from the Nike Air Max 270 collection. This to make sure you walk on air, every step of the way.

Good shoes take you to good places

1. Pastel colors for the win

Our first pick is this beautiful sneaker with pastel colors that will immediately give a summer vibe. Thanks to the super-light, ventilating, and non stitched materials, this shoe gives you a comfortable yet still modern look. It makes you feel the resilience under your foot every step of the way. These are already in our shopping cart to rock with a cute summer outfit!

Nike Air Max 270 React SE – Pink

2. A touch of gold

These pearls are sure to attract everyone’s attention when you wear them. Inspired by colors and textures from the last century’s various art movements, this sneaker uses light and layered materials to create a modern style that looks as good as it feels. With all these advantages and beautiful color combination, we see no reason not to buy these shoes.

Nike Air Max 270 React – Gold

3. Black is my happy color

This one is for the ladies among us, who don’t like bright colors. Or for them who prefer a sneaker that fits under almost any outfit. We’ve got you covered anyways. Thanks to the full Nike React foam midsole, these black sneakers allow you to walk on clouds all day long and look stylish as well. That’s all a person needs, isn’t it? 

Nike Air Max 270 – Black

4. Limes aren’t just good for margaritas.

If you still prefer a small touch of color, then these sneakers are the ideal choice. Despite their simple grey color, the lime color accents make this shoe perfect for the summer. This proves once again that limes can not only finish off a margarita. But also a shoe by adding an extra touch!

Nike Air Max 270 React – Grey

5. Walking on air

Our final pick is this pair of sneakers with a beautiful soft color pallet. The earth and air tones keep you connected to nature, and the white overlays symbolize the wind. This comparison fits perfectly with the name of the sneaker and makes us an even bigger fan.

Nike Air Max 270 React (American Modern) – White

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This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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