Our top 3 Belgian sustainable gift ideas for dads

Credits: Kobla Watches

More and more, sustainable gifts are a must these days, even for Father’s Day. We took a look around for Belgian brands to support and pinned down our 3 favorite sustainable gifts for dads.

Sustainability isn’t about doing less harm, but about doing more good!

#1 Gift him something to wear

For fashion with a sustainable story we recommend HUNCH, because dads wear conscious fashion too. The Belgian brand was founded by two friends, Simon and Arnaud and combines the best of their passion for travel with culture and sustainability. For summer, they have a beautiful collection of T-shirts inspired by travel, cultures and countries. Each items holds a piece of fabric they collected during their travels.

Ipala T-shirt, 34€ – Available on the HUNCH webshop

Simon and Arnaud donate €1 per copy sold to one of the three charities they support. You can find more information on their website. Each piece of clothing on their webshop tells you which charity you are supporting with your purchase.

“It was essential for us to respect and act according to our values.

Therefore, we decided that our brand should be 100% responsible & ethical,

eco-designed, and give back to the cultures by supporting an association

active in the country of origin of the fabrics”.

#2 Gift him something timeless

Men love watches. And we love KOBLA, the Belgian wristwatch brand that consistently makes a point of being carbon neutral from design to delivery. The watches are manufactured from recycled materials. Sustainable design without compromising on look and feel.

Our favorite item from the collection is the classic wristwatch. Made from an oiled vegetable tanned leather in black with an 18k gold plated case. It goes with every outfit, whether it is more casual or more chic, you can combine it with anything.

Classic Watch, 199€ – Available on the KOBLA webshop
Free delivery within Europe and fast shipping from Belgium.

“Acting consciously starts with respecting the natural resources our earth provides.

This is why we use recycled materials instead of newly mined raw materials.

We also operate 100% carbon neutral from design to delivery.

We choose not to go for the stereotypical eco-look,

because KOBLA can’t be framed nor limited by its vision

to create sustainable accessories.

We don’t think in predefined boxes. Join the experience!”

#3 Gift him something to relax in

Your father has probably never thought of buying a hammock. Surprise him with a Amazonas hammock (available on luxehangmatten.be). The brand works with local companies in Brazil – the center of the hammock industry – where the hammocks are still made by hand. Therefore the production of the hammocks is fair-trade and the local economy is supported. Our favourite is the Rio, made in Brazil with artisan handicraft.

Rio, 149€ – Available on the webshop of Luxehangmatten.be
Use the code ‘Blogzine’ for 5% discount and free shipping!

“Everybody needs a hammock.

To hang between two trees during a hike, to rest during a trip,

to enjoy the calm and the nice weather that is coming.

To relax and breathe, basically.”

Giving a gift makes someone happy. But giving a sustainable gift makes everyone happier. We are already curious about all your Father’s Day gifts. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts and stories!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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