Our summer picks for tall women

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Now that the season of short skirts and flouncy dresses is almost upon us, we at Blogzine thought it was time to talk about our favorites for the taller ladies as well. Since it’s not always easy for these ladies to walk around without feeling that their trousers or skirt are too short, we took our inspiration from the ASOS ‘Tall collection‘. 

#1. Wide leg jeans

These wide-leg jeans were love at first sight and a must-have for this summer. Because of the beautiful color and the high waist, you immediately have a piece that you can combine in all sorts of ways. And the fact that its part of the responsible collection is an even bigger plus. We already added this item to our shopping bag. 

ASOS Design Tall, Premium Wide leg jeans. Price: €52,99

#2. Wrinkled mini dress

This romantic light blue dress makes you immediately dream away to better times. Because of the somewhat looser fit, it is a pleasure to wear, but this does not mean it looks like a potato bag on you. With the help of ruffles at the hem and beautiful embroidery, certain parts are extra highlighted. The V at the neck and back ensures that the dress is not too preachy. 

ASOS Design Tall, Exclusive frill front mini dress. Price: €41,99

#3. Mom fit denim shorts

These timeless shorts are a basic that goes with everything and that everyone should have in their wardrobe. The high waist and the mom fit make these shorts suitable for everyday use. Dress them up with a nice blouse and a pair of heels, or throw on a sweater with a couple of sneakers for a casual look, it’s that easy to combine. For this price you certainly don’t have to doubt.

Vero Moda Tall, Denim mom shorts. Price: €20,99

#4. Asos floral sundress

A dress that is ideal for the hot summer days is not always easy to find, but with this dress, we get the feeling we’ve found a winner. Because of the light woven fabric and the summer pattern, you’re ready to brave the heat right away. 

ASOS Design Tall, Crumpled mini sundress. Price: €34,99

#5. Tie waist trousers with print

Last but not least, we chose these beautiful pants with a spot print. The color gives you an instant summer vibe, and the stretchy, satin-style fabric makes you feel at ease right away. To accentuate your waist, even more, there is a waist tie that you can adjust yourself.

Asos Design Tall, Satin tie waist trouser with print. Price: €41,99

We hope we’ve been able to give the taller ladies among us some inspiration and we look forward to hearing what your favorite piece is! Feel free to share your inspiration or Tall looks with the #BlogzineBE so we can follow up on it.

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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