Our favorite recipe for Candlemas

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During candlemas we are sharing this article for all the pancake lovers and those who have a sweet tooth. Because you probably won’t resist baking some pancakes after reading this article. You can blame us afterwards, it’s totally fine!

After a month of family dinners, tables full of delicious food, the most amazing “Bûches de Noël” and other sweets, we’re continuing in 2020 with more festive holidays such as Chinese New Year (Cheers again to that!), Epiphany on the 6th of January and now, on the 2nd of February, we’re celebrating Candlemas. This Christian holiday takes place 40days after Christmas and another occasion to have a lovely moment together with our family. It’s about coming all together and spending a wonderful time. So get out of the couch, go to the kitchen and make it an unforgettable Sunday!

We have created a recipe that you can personalize to your own sweet tooth!

And as we also know that you’re probably as excited as your little nephews and nieces to eat some delicious pancakes, we thought about you as well! We’re sharing with you our most favorite recipe, shared by @FranekLife on Instagram, and believe us, you won’t be disappointed! The recipe is easy and quick to make and you will be able to add savory and sweet topping at the end to personalize it the way you like to eat it. Here we go!

Pancakes – 4 persons

Ingredients: 250gr flour, 500ml (soy)milk, 3eggs, 50gr of melted butter and one pinch of salt.

Preparation: take a bowl and create a “volcano” with flour and the pinch of salt. Add the 3eggs and the melted butter and mix well together. Gradually stir the milk until you created a homogeneous paste. Make sure you don’t have any lumps or parts of flour that are not mixed well. The next step is to bake the pancakes! By using a ladle you can easily put a little bit of the preparation in the pancake pan. Tip: don’t use butter as you already have some in the paste and make sure the pan is hot enough! Flip the pancake once it’s half baked and wait till it has a light brown shine. Once you’ve baked the whole paste you can either start to add some garnish or you can bake more, it’s all up to you!

However, the Candlemas recipe wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t inspire you with some garnish ideas! For the sweet tooth lovers add caramel salted butter, brown sugar, chocolate spread, Speculoos paste (Blogzine’s favorite!), honey with slivered almonds, banana slices with chocolate sauce, caramelised apple with cinnamon or add maple syrup.

For those who prefer savory ideas we also have a bunch of delicious combinations! Salmon in combination with dill cream is our personal favorite when it comes to savory pancakes, but you can also add ham and cheese or go for goat cheese with apples and bacon. More possibilities are tomato with mozzarella, mushrooms with eggs or last but not least: guacamole!

This post has been created in collaboration with @FRANEKLIFE

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