Our editors’ favourite places in Belgium

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Travel in your own country is the focus this month at Blogzine. For the occasion our editors tell in this article about their favourite places in Belgium.

“Away is place
where it’s not about
the money you spend
But the moments you share”


One of the most beautiful places in Belgium I find domain Roosendael located in Sint – Katelijne Waver. A medieval settlement of which today you can see traces through some wall remaining. I discovered this place thanks to my current husband. Ten years ago we had our first date here and we chose to have our wedding photos taken here as well.

Today we visit the domain regularly with our daughter of three because it is a wonderful oasis of peace and nature. Moreover, you have a fantastic cafe where you can enjoy the cosy terrace where our daughter indulges herself in the sandbox. Nostalgia everywhere for us.

Stephanie and her husband


When I studied in Antwerp I was a huge fan of Linkeroever or the docks. One of my favourite spots was the raft (or ‘het Vlot’ in Dutch). A floating platform on the water, where very often people come to sit. We used to have picnics there, go dancing and listen to music or chill the whole afternoon.

Also I’ve been really obsessed with Brussels for a quite some years now. That is alsor the reason why I am going to move there in September. But it’s not about the Brussels of the busy shopping streets, but the nice neighbourhoods just outside of the center. I like to go for a walk at the vintage market in the Marolles, or one of the many parks. But my favourite place is the Atomium. Every time I stand there, I get a bit of a nostalgic feeling.

In Wallonia I like to go on adventures so I like to visit villages like La Roche and Bastogne. I also love the adventurous character of the Ardennes. I once went mountain climbing and kayaking there, that was really fun!

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I’ve never really been on holiday in my own country many times and the times I did, I never really liked it. Since I’m not a walking and cycling fan either, I won’t be doing this very soon.

Nevertheless, the blossom region in Limburg is highly recommended! The sportive people can enjoy themselves there because there are many beautiful walking and cycling routes. I, if not so sporty spice, would rather opt for a vespa or a twizzy, a funny electric car. In between you can enjoy nature, visit some (historical) sights such as the chapel of Helshoven or the see-through church ‘Reading between the lines’ and of course you can always chill out in one of the nice blossom bars!

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My favorite place is Blankenberge, it may sound very cliché but it is the origin of so many beautiful memories. One of my first holidays – memories is a stay with my mum, grandpa and grandma. Since I thought of my grandfather as a father figure and unfortunately didn’t get to know him for so long, this is one of my best memories of him. For a number of years now, my family and my sister’s family have been staying in Blankenberge for two weeks every year.

When I look at photos of the years that have flown by, I realize how hard we have all changed, and how many beautiful moments we have experienced together. Every year it feels like I’m coming home, and I can still be that carefree little girl from so many years ago. Anyway, I must always have seen the dyke and the ocean.

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Not in Belgium but just across the border with Holland, I like to visit two cities: Eindhoven and Maastricht. I have visited Eindhoven many times in recent years. Every year there is a light festival and a week of art. That city continues to surprise and innovate. Every activity there is unique and that’s why I love going there. There are also great places to eat, with local and farm-to-table concepts. Ideal for my ketodiet and healthy lifestyle. Maastricht I also love because it is a cute place to stroll, have a drink and do some shopping.

I usually travel abroad for work, so I’m not much in my own country. That’s why I’m not really used to travelling in Belgium. I think it would be nice to discover new things in my own country this year.

Cindy in Eindhoven


My favorite place is Mont des Arts in Brussels. Close to all museums, bars and restaurants. There is no better view than from Mont des Arts. In the center of Brussels, it’s a place where tourists pass by, where busy business people make time for lunch and where everyone enjoys the beautiful view.

From there you can also see the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) and its famous Art Nouveau facade on your right, the impressive Royal Library on your left, Place Royale behind you and, as the icing on the cake, the impressive city hall tower in the background. For me, that’s Brussels in a nutshell.

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Just like Angelo and Sheryl I am a huge fan of Brussels and especially the new Jardin Rooftop. A very nice roof terrace with a bar, a food corner and above all: a fantastic view of the whole of Brussels. Tasty cocktails are made and delicious food is served. You can spend a nice evening with your friends while listening to music and enjoying the beautiful summer sunset. This rooftop bar remains open until 11 pm and in the evening the lights go on to create some extra coziness.

Credits: Jardin Rooftop

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This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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