Opinion: Here Is Why You Should Buy Artisan Soap

Credits: Zogezeept

There is much more to soap than meets the eye. In this article, Sonja from Zogezeept tells you why she recommends artisan soap to everyone instead of ordinary soap.

Soap is soap

Anyone who thinks soap is just soap is thinking wrong. By ordinary soap, people often mean ‘supermarket soap’; it consists mainly of ingredients that no one recognizes the name of. In fact, many supermarket soaps are made to clean perfectly, but at the same time take the good fats out of your skin. With well-formulated artisan soap, you are left with clean hands without that pulling feeling. A much more enjoyable experience.

Artisanal soap?

All the soaps at Zogezeept are made from scratch. Sonja decides what properties she wants to see in the soap (balance between cleansing but not drying, bubbles, creamy foam, with or without scrub, …) and then chooses the oils that achieve this in the right proportion.

So with handmade soap, pure ingredients go into it: olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter. And with Zogezeept, natural additives like beer, honey or ground walnut powder. Each artisan soap maker chooses their own recipes and ingredients, no two soaps are the same.

Zogezeept soaps are made using the cold process technique. In this process, fats and liquid are mixed together with an alkaline base and poured into a mold, after which the saponification process starts. This is all done by hand with minimal tools. Sonja only uses a hand blender so as not to have to stir for hours at a time, but otherwise it is hand work of pure craftsmanship and love.

That is also the reason why Sonja is a proud member of the ‘Guild of soap crafters and toiletry makers’. You can only become a member if your products meet the European cosmetics legislation, which is quite strict.

Tailor-made soap

A gift for The Love of Your Life? Birth gift for your favorite niece? Best friend who loves unicorns? Zogezeept makes a beautiful personalized soap for you! You can also contact Zogezeept for B2B enquiries, for example for your coffee bar or to sell in your store. Feel free to ask about all the options.

Will you choose artisanal soap from now on? Let us know in the comments. 

This article has been written in collaboration with Zogezeept.

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