Oldtimer love: the story behind Autentico classics

Credits: Autentico Classics

Each business has its own story that has brought them to their current success. Today we take closer a look at Autentico Classics, a rental company of oldtimers about who we talked briefly in one of our previous articles “Three unique ways to travel around Belgium“. So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. 

Where the story begins

The story of Autentico, like many others, starts with a dream. As an oldtimer enthusiast, owner Thomas Delanote wanted to buy one out of his own interest. When this dream was shattered because of a sudden lack of space, the ball went rolling. He realized that he was certainly not the only one with this problem and that there was much more to it than just making a purchase, which stopped many people from making their dream come true. After searching for the ideal way, it seemed the back then student entrepreneur, the most logical way to start with a rental concept. Thanks to the focus on weddings and specific Concours d’elegance rallies, the idea could be combined with Thomas’s studies.

Autentico was born

Thomas wanted to give people a unique life-time experience. On top of that, he wanted that the customers didn’t have to worry about the additional things. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. 

“Anyone who has ever driven an absolute top classic car knows perfectly well what I mean. The feeling you have as a pilot or co-pilot is indescribable.” Says Thomas Delanote, the owner of Autentico.


We at Blogzine are all about being eco-friendly, and thankfully Autentico agrees since sustainability is one of their core values. Though a car is very polluting to the planet, sustainability is more than just a few grams of CO2, according to Thomas. If you compare the emissions of Autentico’s cars with the average modern car, you will see that the modern one is much more polluting. 

Sustainability is also the cost of production, but more important: it is also the preservation and creation of awareness.

The cars

In addition to providing an unforgettable experience, Thomas personally ensures that all vehicles are picked out carefully so that only the best of the best can be provided. Like the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto. Some cars even come directly from Italy, so you can feel like you are driving around like Michael Corleone in Sicily.

And then the hurricane Corona hits

At the beginning of 2020, bookings for both the current year and 2021 flooded in. Autentico was firing on all cylinders. Until the moment COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, and all bookings for 2020 were crossed out immediately. They had to put the puzzle pieces back together to stand firm against the consequences of the corona epidemic. 

Shifting gears

After a search, Thomas found the perfect partners B&B’s Foxhouse en het Stille genoegen, so that clients can combine the ultimate classic car experience with an overnight stay. This way, the focus was not only on special occasions but also on tourists. To complete the whole process, they also started with their very own road books and various possibilities to enjoy all kinds of delicious treats along the way. A trip like this would me make us feel like we’re the star in an old 1940’s movie.

The future

Despite the uncertain times, Autentico remains positive and looks forward to the future. When this pandemic storm is over, there are already certain plans to expand the business in various regions. We can expect a lot of surprising things. We’re sure about that. 

Would you like to drive off in a unique oldtimer? Then be sure to join their Facebook giveaway to have a chance to win a road trip with a luxurious lunch. And if you can’t wait, book your trip through Autentico Classics‘ website.

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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