News Flash: This season you’ll be gifting stars

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Now that the days are getting colder and shorter, what’s a better way to deal with this than to embrace the spirit of the season and get yourself already in holiday mode? One of our favorite ways to do this is to think about all the awesome gifts we will be giving our loved ones. The keywords for this year’s presents are: personal, original … and starry! And let this be everything we found in the latest Beyond The Clouds collection, available as of November 10th. 

What says ‘you’re the star of my life’ better than an illustrated interior print of someone’s zodiac sign?

Starry prints for better days

Whether you’re a spiritual person or rather down to earth, we (secretly) all love to see and read things about our own zodiac sign. Your ‘sun sign’ or ‘star sign’ is connected to your date of birth. According to many it’s also linked to one of the four elements and to your typical characteristics. For example: they say that Taurus people are connected to the element ‘earth’ which makes them more peaceful and cautious than a fiery Aries who loves a good challenge and some competition.

Your gifts are already written in the stars

Margaux found a way to translate all twelve signs of the zodiac into fun yet elegant illustrations. The prints contain elements typical of the actual star signs. The dates of birth are listed for each sign, so that anyone who is less familiar with zodiacs still knows perfectly which print to gift to whom. By placing these prints under the Christmas tree, you immediately give your present an extra personal touch. It’s the perfect gift for your significant other or your best friend. Why not gift a customized package of zodiac posters to your siblings and their family?

The new collection consists of postcards (ideal as an original birthday card) and medium and larger posters, which in turn make the perfect (Christmas) gift. New in this Zodiac Sign collection is that there is also a birthday calendar available. This way your friend immediately knows who has which zodiac sign after filling in the names in this calendar. As you can read, Beyond The Clouds has you covered for original holiday gifts!

Small acts of love

With this latest collection Margaux Poppe was able to combine her passion for drawing with her interest in astrology. Her goal is to appeal to a wide audience with these printed, colorful watercolor paintings. She is convinced that even people who are not interested in zodiac signs will be pleasantly surprised when they receive their star sign as a gift, because the illustrations can be viewed in different ways. They also add a personal touch to everyone’s interior.

This is one of the reasons Margaux from Beyond The Clouds started illustrating. It gives her the power to make people question situations or simply let them dream away and fantasize. After the uncertain months we’ve all had to go through, she wanted to create a rather cheerful collection, where we can focus on better days and small acts of love. And let the holiday season be the perfect time to highlight those values.

You can order your favorite zodiac print from November 10th on Can you relate with your zodiac sign?

This article has been written in collaboration with Beyond The Clouds

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