New King Monty snacks to boost your energy level

Credits: King Monty

Today we find granola on almost every breakfast table. Not only is this delicacy incredibly versatile, it is also so very delicious and healthy. But what if you don’t have breakfast and still feel like having granola later in the day? King Monty has completely understood the message, which is why they are now introducing two new granola snacks with Belgian chocolate. 

SAVE THE WORLD, it’s the only planet with chocolate

King Monty is a Ghent based brand with a clear mission: they want to market Belgian chocolate bars that you sink your teeth into without having to feel guilty. The bars are full of love and the best of cocoa, lactose and gluten free. King Monty stands for chocolate with a focus on mother nature, animal wellbeing and health. 

From now on you will also find two new snacks in their range in addition to chocolate.

New cranberry snack like an angel on your tongue.

The granola cranberry snack is one of our favorites. The combination of cranberry, granola and a layer of chocolate has surprised us. Not only the taste, but also the packaging has caught our eyes. The tasty and colourful pink packaging will make you feel like having a quick snack.

Credits: King Monty

Granola with a touch of Belgian pride!

Like every Belgian, we are also lovers of speculoos so we couldn’t miss this snack. So for our pride we tried the new snack and you can immediately say, “you should try this one!”. The snack is a lovingly made, crunchy biscuit with a layer of vegan chocolate and Belgian speculoos spices. We see the packaging as a gold medal for buyers. It gave us a feeling that the customer is King and it really is. 

Do you want to take over the throne?

Credits: King Monty

If you want to taste how mother nature tastes, we recommend King Monty! You should try the versatile flavours of their Belgian chocolate. Currently there are 6 different flavours and we can’t wait to test them all. You can find King Monty at Delhaize or find a local shop through their website. Which one is your favourite?

This article has been written by Blogzine intern Fidin Bungur

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