New: Kenzo Fragrance Collections. A unique vision of water

Credits: Kenzo

This article is for all men who love something unique and joyful. Come along and discover a journey through the new wave of Kenzo fragrances, inspired by the deep blue.

Kenzo’s mission is clear: to make the world a more beautiful place. By reinventing the world. KENZO ensures environmentally-friendly fragrances and guarantees the preservation of biodiversity from the earliest stages of brainstorming when working on a new creation.

To support their mission, they appeal to: the power of imagination, the power of youth, the power of an open mind and the power of freedom. This translates into unique perfume collections that dare to play with the versatility of poetry and humour.

Invent the scent of water,
bottle it and identify the fragrance of happiness

Since the launch of their EAU KENZO, they have embraced the playfulness and endlessness of water. These fragrance are represented with the famous Hokusai wave (the Great Wave), based on a work of art by Katsushika Hokusai.

Eau Kenzo Hyper Wave

The ‘EAU KENZO’ family knows two new fragrances since last month: one for him and one for her. So the iconic Hokusai wave, the vivid symbol of L’EAU KENZO, is wearing two new colours. This colourful universe is an ode to life and youth. A tidal wave of energy for a young and free generation that knows no boundaries.

Our focus is the new men’s fragrance. Inspired by the aquatic landscape by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Alexandra Monet, the new aquatic aromatic accord is a symbol of an assertive and fearless masculinity.

What to expect?

A real wave of freshness, that is faithful to L’EAU KENZO. Mandarin and Vegetable Moss evoke a modern aquatic aromatic scent, symbol of a limitless and unpredictable reality.

Aqua Kenzo Spray Can

Completely new in the range of Kenzo is the AQUA KENZO spray can. The bottle was inspired by the spray paint of street artists. It spreads a striking freshness in the AQUA KENZO universe. Because of it’s look, the new ‘eau de toilette’ invites you to a unique gesture.

What to expect?

An explosive woody hesperidic fragrance in which lemon caviar mixes with hazelnut leaves. The base of white patchouli perfectly matches the signature of AQUA KENZO. A fascinating scent, signed Philippe Romano and Benoist Lapouza.

The new Kenzo fragrances are available on their website and at INNO.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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