Netflix and chill: the series and movies all moms need to watch

These are the must-see mom movies and series. Take a moment for yourself, make it yourself comfortable in the couch and enjoy Netflix!

A few weeks ago the Blogzine team treated you to the best series on Netflix. Today Stephanie will list the best Netflix series for and about moms. These are the nicest series that you will appreciate even more when you are pregnant or become a mother.

Okay, we moms dare to complain that we don’t have a lot of free time during the day. Luckily Netflix came into our lives! Because to be honest, the endless series are only an enrichment in our lives as mothers. A good episode while breastfeeding makes us focus on something else while we’re ‘stuck’ for at least twenty minutes. Those baskets are suddenly no longer a problem, while we can bingewatch one episode after another. Thank you Netlifx, for making motherhood a lot easier!

I believe in love at first episode

The only drawback of Netflix is the endless supply which sometimes makes us waste hours searching for the perfect series. I will gladly solve that problem for you. I’m sharing the best feel-good series, comedy’s, dramas and documentaries for and about motherhood!


Jane The Virgin

Suffering from pregnancy dementia, or simply not having the ability to focus for hours on a series, ‘Jane The Virgin’ is the ideal choice. You don’t have to be able to watch closely to follow the telenovelle. This four-part series is about Jane who decides to remain a virgin until marriage, until she is accidentally inseminated. When she falls in love with the sperm donor she ends up in the most crazy situations. The ideal series for when you don’t have a lot of time in between, but beware: you get addicted to the Mexican fury very quickly and over – the – top storylines.  

‘Babies’ and ‘The Beginning of life’

Are you pregnant and do you have seas of time? Then the documentary series ‘Babies’ and ‘The beginning of life’ are a real must see! Many people think that babies are helpless creatures who do no more than sleep and eat. After watching these two documentaries, you look at these helpless creatures with a completely different view. 

Both show how a baby develops and what he is capable of. They show the development in the first year of life and give you an insight into the development of social relationships, behavior and emotional functioning. 

Anyone who claims, for example, that dads can’t build the same intense bond with their child as a mother can, should definitely check out these documentaries. Because nothing could be further from the truth… 

Babies behind bars

The most famous series on prison life is without a doubt ‘Orange is the new Black’, but did you know that Netflix also shows us the real deal? ‘Babies behind bars’ is a documentary that shows the real life of women who give birth in prison. We also get a look at the maternity ward in Indiana prison (USA). Always curious about the life of a brand new mother behind bars, then this series is highly recommended.

Ali Wong: Hard knock life

May it be a bit lighter, then ‘Ali Wong: Hard knock life’ is definitely a suggestion. Although the genre stand-up comedy isn’t really my thing, I had to give it a chance after the rave reviews. If you want to have a good laugh with motherhood it’s definitely worth watching. The great mama jokes guarantee you consecutive laughs and let’s be honest: motherhood shouldn’t always be taken too seriously.

Workin’ moms and Good Girls

If we keep that light-hearted attitude, add ‘Workin’ moms’ and ‘Good girls’ to your list. ‘Workin’ moms‘ will show you the true nature of motherhood. Postnatal depression, a sexless marriage, resuming work after maternity leave, the less romantic drawback of cobs at work,… The series shows you these subjects that make you smile instantaneously. In contrast to ‘Workin’ moms’, which counts three seasons on Netflix, ‘Good Girls’ only owns one. But it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a successor to the series. In this series, a few ordinary mothers organize a robbery at a supermarket to have money for their family. Once they get the hang of it, things go from bad to worse.

No la casa de papel – content, but a great series that makes us laugh and cry at the same time.

The Letdown

It is common knowledge that the very first year of life, in which you are a mother, can be incredibly hard. ‘The Letdown’ is a comedy series about the struggles of Audrey, a young mother of a two-month-old baby, who prefers to sleep during the day rather than at night. Because of the numerous recognizable situations, this series is a must see! About the terrible search for a babysitter, the fatigue that makes it impossible to even pronounce the word “sex” until you pee in your pants during a sneeze, ‘The Letdown’ covers it all.

Gilmore Girls

When we used to watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ on TV, it was clear: if we were ever going to be the mother of a daughter, we wanted a mother – daughter relationship as strong as Lorelai and Rory. Netflix took this classic series from the dust and added another bonus season to the seven season: ‘Gilmore girls: A day in the life! Hang out and bingewatch!

Yummy mummies

We end with a ‘guilty pleasure’, the reality show: ‘Yummy mummies’. This Australian series follows three rich and pregnant girlfriends who set up Instagram page to give a glimpse into their extravagant lives. From incredibly expensive baby gifts, a Versace baby shower to an overflowing walk-in closet for their unborn babies that we can only dream of. It’s such a hilarious series that we can’t take seriously, but neither do the mothers themselves. Ten episodes of three quarters of an hour, that transcend your imagination.

Have you looked at them all then Netflix still owns a lot of pearls about motherhood. Be sure to let us know which ones you’ve seen and maybe which series we should look at? Because there is nothing better in quarantine than a good Netflix series!

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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