Netflix and Chill: Blogzine in quarantine mode

We have too much time on our hands. Because we are looking for a nice way to escape reality, we find hail in the Netflix menu. But it can take a while before you find the perfect show to watch. To help you make a choice the Blogzine team has written down their favourite series and films. Discover why they’re definitely worth watching.

I hate watching an episode a week, I’m more of a season a day kinda person.

A big favourite in our team is the Netflix original series Riverdale. Could this be because of the amount of great actors or is there another reason why?

‘’Riverdale is a real binge series. It is supposed to be a teen series but I am 31 and i’m totally hooked! It’s not only a nice story about the village of Riverdale, where the craziest things happen but there are also some really great actors in it. Cole Sprouse can come and have coffee with me anytime! ‘’ – Nasrien

If you’re more of a fan of crime series, no worries we’ve got it covered, Lucifer, a crime series with a nice twist, is definitely recommended: 

Since season one, I’ve been a fan of the main characters: Lucifer and Chloe. Later on, the supporting roles also got better and the story gets more depth. It’s fiction with a very unique approach! I Highly recommend it for teenagers and adults”. – Angelo

Can’t get enough of all the crime series on Netflix? Then we’ve got a gem worth watching, La Casa de Papel:

“Truly a top series! Super exciting, good storyline and cool characters starring a rather atypical ‘hero’. Although it’s actually a crime series, there’s both romance and the necessary dose of humor in it. I also found it very nice to follow a series that is not in English. I’m definitely looking forward to season 4!” – Suryani

A compelling teen drama series with a touch of thriller? Élite it is then!

‘’In two days I’ve finished the third season. That proves once again how addictive this series is! Compelling teen drama series with unexpected twists, touching and super romantic moments. Also one of the few series with an outspoken LGBTQ+ storyline!” – Angelo

If you prefer a Netflix series with a good dose of humor, then Sex education is the one for you: 

”I’ve  watched this one in 2 days! If you haven’t seen this British series yet, then you should definitely put it on your ‘To watch’ list. When the main character Otis, the wonderfully clumsy and socially awkward son of a sex therapist, suddenly turns out to be the go-to sex expert at his school, leading to a lot of hilarious situations. Even though at first glance this may seem like a teen series, this series will certainly charm you with its typical British humor and because you will certainly be able to identify with some situations. Because as a teenager, who wasn’t insecure about his feelings and those first clumsy relationships!” – Suryani


Dear White People is an American comedy – drama series touching on issues surrounding modern American race relations. According to Cindy, a series you must have seen! She watched all of the episodes in one day and can’t wait for the third season. However, she’s is not the biggest Netflix nor movies fan and only uses Angelo’s account when she absolutely wants to spend a day in her couch. But Pablo Escobar is another series that she watched all in once! Watch out: “Pablo Escobar” counts +70 episodes. Take a week to watch it all but don’t eat popcorn for a week, haha!

If you prefer reality series with which you can laugh your way out of it, then The circle is definitely recommended according to Angelo. A mix of Catfish and Big brother, what could go wrong? From one extreme to the other, Love is Blind is also a reality series recommended by Joke. Single people who have a long conversation with their potential match, get engaged and only see each other afterwards?  Tension guaranteed!

To end with our favorite series we have a Flemish classic, Tabula Rasa. Which, according to Stephanie, is definitely worth watching:

‘’Tabula Rasa was a series that positively surprised me. It had been a long time since I had seen such a good Flemish series. I’m really crazy about a serious mindfuck, where you think in the end, WTF? You won’t?! You can’t do that! I liked it so much that I forced my husband to watch the whole series while I watched it a second time. While I kept an extra eye out on things with everything I knew.’’ – Stephanie

Now that we’ve discussed a few series, it’s high time to bring out our favorite movies: 

The greatest showman, is a film that has been watched many times by Stephanie:

“The last movie I’ve seen is the GREATEST SHOWMAN. I had never seen it before but wow! Since then I’m playing it to pieces. The story, the music, the choreograph… you will need an extra pair of eyes to capture everything” – Stephanie

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen… Oh yes the Mamma Mia movies are also in our favorites! Especially Joke, who is also a fan of the Pitch perfect movies, a bit of music in these times can’t hurt!

Last but not least we’ll throw in a classic that’s a party for both young and old, Shrek:

“Even though I’ve watched the movies about 100 times, I still can’t get enough. That green ogre always knows how to make me laugh. But the main reason why I’m watching the movies? Donkey of course! That crazy ass donkey with Eddie Murphy’s voice is just hilarious!” – Julie

These were some of our favorites. Of course there are many more series and movies to watch, so don’t forget to let us know how much you enjoyed them and which ones you absolutely think they’re worth a binge-watch moment. Maybe we get addicted to yours as well?

This article has been written by @JULIEROSSEEL

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