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Credits: Time2Reconnect

Ellen Van den Branden has been a columnist for Blogzine since the beginning of this year as part of her project Time2Reconnect. After a considerable amount of work, she is now releasing her first book: a step by step guide to the new you! 

Once, during an English oral exam, a teacher asked me: “Who would you like to be and why?” I replied, “Shakespeare, the greatest writer England has ever produced. Even years after his death, his plays are still published and read.”

I have always loved to write. 
From childhood I crawled into my pen.

The best thing I ever wrote was a play commissioned by that same English teacher: “When Harry met Marry”. It was about a teenage girl, Marry, who fell in love with the leader of a drug gang, Harry. She got pregnant, facing a heartbreaking choice: Choose the boy and keep the baby or choose your studies and give up the baby. We ended up performing this play with the whole class at the local cultural center. An unexpected success with a sold out audience! Delightful memories.

To write is to meditate

For me, writing works meditatively. It brings me peace and very often gives me new insights. This was also true during the first lockdown, more than a year ago now. The first few weeks I was very restless and all kinds of thoughts raced through my head: “What should I do now with my company, my employees, my customers, …”. And then came the: “What if this and what if that.” In order to get a handle on the brainwaves in my head, I started writing down the spins. 

Hours, days, weeks I wrote. One insight after another came. This enabled me to put things into perspective and I took this, at first sight, hopeless situation as an opportunity for a new beginning. And, before I really realized it, I had written a whole book. This “guide” became for myself a springboard to a new challenge ‘Time2Reconnect’. Thus, my book also made sense and, after a lot of fine tuning, I divided it into chapters, into chronological steps, making it an action-oriented handbook that changed my future forever. 

More about the book

It’s about facing your fears and daring to tackle them. It’s about how to set the right goals, how to overcome inhibitions and, most importantly, how to take the RIGHT actions! I have realized that until you change your mindset and overcome your inhibitions, you will never be able to change your life. You cannot do the same thing all your life and expect different results. Anything is possible, as long as you REALLY believe in it yourself. Only if YOU sincerely believe that you can change your life, your situation, will you be able to. But you must believe in it 100%, where nothing or no one can throw you off track. 

Meanwhile, quite a few friends and acquaintances have read my book and the reactions have been overwhelming. Because of the great success I finally decided to have the book printed, so that it has become a ‘real’ book. I am very grateful that through my book I can reach out to many people and help them in their search for meaning, happiness and success.

Credits: Time2Reconnect

Also available as e-book!

Are you struggling with questions in your life? Are you a bit stuck and don’t know what steps to take next? Or do you know someone who could benefit from this book? Then take a look at this page. You can get the book here as an e-book, but you can also have a printed version sent to you or someone. 

I wish you all success, love and happiness in your life. Should you, somewhere along your path, seek a reaching hand, you know where to find me. I believe in you. Do you?

Have a nice day & see you soon, Ellen

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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