Must-Do: Coco Bongo Show in Punta Cana

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Planning a vacation to Dominican Republic with some overnight stays in Punta Cana? Then you better add the Coco Bongo show to the schedule. Our editor Angelo Vero went for a visit and tells you why you better do the same. 

Even in Vegas, there is no show like Coco Bongo!

Unprecedented spectacle

If you have ever been to Punta Cana, you have surely heard of Coco Bongo. The nightlife phenomenon originated in Mexico and has since found its way to the Dominican Republic. Coco Bongo is nightlife at its best. It is a mix between Gogo Dancers as seen in the best clubs in Ibiza and an enchanting show like Cirque du Soleil. The show comes in different parts and themes and there is continuous time for dancing and drinking. 

Some of the themes covered include 300, Game of Thrones, The Amazing Spider-Man, Queen, Moulin Rouge, … What makes the show so unique is the fact that it is really a combination of a nightclub with shows, where you as a spectator are really in the middle of all of it. And when the show is gone for a while, the party breaks loose every single time. The bar in the middle of the dance floor opens and everyone starts dancing and drinking. Until there is another show and a new theme, and so on. The whole evening goes by like that, but it’s really worth it! 

Watch a short video Angelo made during his visit here.

What does it cost? 

A ticket costs between $70 and $175 per person, depending on your choice to sit or stand on the dance floor. We did the dance floor with our group and it was definitely enjoyable. You are really part of the spectacle at that point, as everything happens next to, in front of or above your head. The price also includes a bus shuttle to and from most hotels and resorts. 

How to avoid the waiting line? 

Coco Bongo is super popular and probably one of the most visited nightlife activities in Punta Cana. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve your tickets online in advance and go early enough (at 8pm is recommended). If you don’t want to stand in line and wait at all, you can opt for a table. But then you have to buy a bottle of alcohol and it costs quite a bit (if I remember correctly, 200 dollars). 

Will I like CocoBongo?

If you love the nightlife and are looking for something unique to experience, we can definitely recommend CocoBongo. The show is open to ages 18 and up and it doesn’t say age until when. When Angelo was there, there were a lot of couples aged 50+. So that just proves that how old you are (or feel) is up to you! You are never too old to have fun.

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Fancy experiencing Coco Bongo for yourself? Then you can find all the info and tickets here. You can always ask in the hotel or resort, there is always someone who can help you further. 

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