Men: These are the perfect sneakers for any outfit


We have all experienced the difficulty of matching an outfit with the right trainers. The right shoes with the right outfit is usually a big challenge because there are also many fashion rules to follow. In this article, intern Fidin tells us why he chooses the Chunky Trainers from ASOS.

As long you follow your heart you will find the right combination.

The style I chose are the chunky trainers from Selected Homme, found on ASOS. These trainers solve all the problems when you’re looking for a style to combine with your outfits. It is a basic item that belongs in your wardrobe, which you can wear all seasons, which makes the trainers also versatile!

Summer vibes

Personally, I think this trainer really fits will for when the weather is nicer. Like now, during Spring for example. This in combination with a pair of ripped trousers for an edgy touch. On top of that you can wear a summer shirt, polo or t-shirt. The summer shirt or t-shirt can contain motifs or patterns like palm trees, fruit, flowers,… And don’t forget sunglasses when the weather is nice. It will give your style a finishing touch!

Classy casual

As I said, the Selected Homme chunky trainer is versatile and you can combine it with almost anything. From my own experience, I have often been able to combine it with a classy outfit. Not only with a suit, but also with classic trousers you can perfectly wear the trainers.

The top can be different because it depends on what you are going to do and when. First, we will take a polo shirt, which you can wear with a classy pair of trousers during the summer. You then also have the choice to wear it with a turtleneck to keep you warm on colder days or on professional occasions. 

Many young people often wear the trainers with costumes. This gives them a more comfortable feeling than when they wear it with classic shoes.

Lounge look

From the name of the trainers, “chunky trainer”, you can guess that it can also be combined with a lounge look. Here the top is less important and the trousers you wear are more important. When wearing jogging trousers, I would rather recommend to go for basic colours like white, grey, black or blue. With these colours you can easily combine the top of your look and it will also be easier for your shoes. Or maybe you can use them to go to the gym with?

All this is my personal taste, but the most important thing is that you listen to yourself. No matter what style you like, if you like it, then you should listen to your feelings.

Are you looking for more style? Then you can find a great selection of trainers on the ASOS website.

This article has been written by our intern Fidin Bungur

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