Make your own soft drinks with SodaStream


For several years now, SodaStream has been a very well-known kitchen accessory that cannot be missed in most families. In no time you can make sparkling water from your tap water. And that’s not only very convenient, you also save a lot of plastic bottles. And that is why we at Blogzine are such fans of the concept!

Thousands of disposable plastic bottles are replaced with one reusable SodaStream bottle

Make your own PepsiCo soda at home

Make sparkling water from tap water or add bubbles at any time? It’s super easy! But with SodaStream you can also make endless sodas! This as recently Sodastream launched a collaboration with PepsiCo in Belgium. With the PepsiCo-flavors, you can make the popular PepsiCo soft drinks yourself with SodaStream. Sparkling, intense and ready in a snap.

How it works? It’s very easy: just add tap water fizzy with a SodaStream sparkling water device, add a PepsiCo flavor and the soft drink is ready. The range varies from the classics Pepsi, Pepsi Max to 7UP and 7UP Free. Each flavor is also available in a sugar-free version.

SodaStream PepsiCo flavors offer the familiar, full-bodied taste of your favorite soft drink without question. And by the way, did you know that with just one 440 ml bottle of PepsiCo flavor, you can make about 9 liters of ready-to-drink soft drinks?

So whether it’s at the next movie night, a get-together with friends or a summer garden party, the SodaStream’s new PepsiCo flavors offer the perfect soft drink for any occasion!

It’s better for our planet

In addition to tremendous soft drink enjoyment and ease of use, SodaStream also helps the environment. The 9 liter soft drink you can get from one PepsiCo flavored bottle is roughly equivalent to a regular 6 x 1.5 liter six-pack of soft drinks. Thanks to the PepsiCo flavors and SodaStream’s reusable bottles, thousands of disposable plastic bottles are saved!

General Manager Benelux at SodaStream, Johan Schepers: “The SodaStream PepsiCo flavors are the unique result of two key players in the beverage industry coming together. I am convinced that the new flavors will provide additional pleasure and convenience, especially now that we are spending more time than ever at home.”

The new SodaStream PepsiCo flavors are available now in Colruyt stores and at major retailers such as Delhaize and Carrefour at a suggested retail price of €5.99.

We at Blogzine are already huge fans! Together with our team, we are working towards a more sustainable and ecological collaboration. So a SodaStream at our office could not be missed! Are you also loving the SodaStream concept? Then quickly get yours!

In Belgium, SodaStream is available at retailers including, Carrefour, Colruyt, Coolblue, Delhaize, Hubo, Krëfel, MediaMarkt and Vanden Borre.

This article has been written in collaboration with SodaStream

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