Loose weight with only a cup of tea

It’s going to be eight months since Cindy started with the KETO diet. Back in September she gave it a try as she wanted cure her fibromyalgia, but today KETO is a part of her lifestyle. And even if you loose a lot of weight on a short time, at a certain moment it stabilizes. Therefor Cindy will give you one of her secrets: the detox tea that helps you to loose the extra weight.

In the beginning it went fast. During the first three days I lost about a 300g a day. Then 3kg a week and before realizing it, I lost a total of 10kg in only one month. Most of the weight-loss came from the fluids which my body stocked up. Later on, it were the unhealthy sugar and fats that were slowly disappearing. This as your body burns fat instead of sugar when eating KETO.

Check on yourself as much as you check on Instagram

And in the beginning it was easy. For months I did a strict-KETO diet where I never cheated. I never went over 20g of sugar or carbs a day and going to the gym was a daily routine. It helped me to strengthen my body and to loose some extra fats that weren’t only caused by consuming sugars, but by eating unhealthy for over 26 years!

In March the total weight-loss was -14kg and I felt amazing. I was full of energy, confident and feeling strong. No disease or virus could get me down and I was never as motivated to achieve my goals as I was back then. However, we all know what happened mid-March. COVID-19 caused a total lockdown in Europe and the rest of the world. This also caused that I couldn’t go to the gym anymore and that my fridge became my best friend.

Due to being stuck at home, I also started to cheat more often. And as I couldn’t exercise as I used to, I stopped loosing weigh. I couldn’t maintain my healthy lifestyle anymore and before things got out of hand, I decided to try a tea detox.

The bikini body tea tox

As an influencer I heard a lot about tea detox and brands used to contact me every month to try a certain tea. I gave it a shot once and immediately regretted it when opening the package. The smell was unbearable and the idea of drinking a cup of that tea, made me gag. That’s why I never, ever, wanted to try a tea detox.

But a friend of me told me about the Bikini Body detox range. You have juices and smoothies to replace your meals with, or the two teas that are helping your body to detox. And as KETO is my lifestyle, I didn’t want to replace any meal by juices or fluids! However, as a huge tea-lover, I wanted to give the tea detox another shot. Like let’s be honest, having a bikini body while being in lockdown sounds like heaven. Doesn’t it? And as I kept on cheating, I had to take action!

I choose the combo pack which includes a 21day tea tox (pink package) and the daily tea tox (green package). You start with the pink bag and drink a liter a day. Once you finished the 21days tea, you continue on a daily base with the green bag to keep your body healthy. Yes, it is that easy!

The taste of the tea is a mix of green tea with a floral touch. Therefor it’s very easy to drink and if you fill one tea bag a day with the dried herbs, you will have enough to do 30days. My personal tip: don’t poor too much in the bag as the taste gets stronger if you leave it in the water for too long.

The results after two weeks

I need to admit that I was sceptic at first. How could a tea help me to loose weight? But on the second day it became clear. The tea prevented me to have any kind of cravings. As soon as I wanted to go to the fridge for a snack, I drank a cup of the tea tox and I felt full. This helped me to get back to the strict-KETO lifestyle and to only eat during the main moments of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After a week I lost one extra kilo thanks to the tea and I saw my abs coming through again. This also as I combine the tea tox with our health challenges where you can train your abs and booty.

I truly believe that the tea tox can be combined with any type of lifestyle. Whether you do KETO or another healthy diet, as avoiding unnecessary cravings is always helpful. However I recommend everyone to combine it with exercising and a controlled eating-program to have the best results. Replacing the tea for a meal is never a good idea. Use it mainly during the day when you feel hungry and it’s not time to eat yet.

Are you interested? You can order the tea tox on Harpersbeauty.be and try it yourself. And don’t forget to share your experiences with us by tagging #BlogzineBE or @Blogzine.be.

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with Harper’s Beauty.

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