Little kids and pets? Read these tips!


Small children and pets can be a great combination. With the help of the right guidance an intensely beautiful friendship between child and pet is created. Are you still in doubt? Or are you considering bringing a pet into your home? Then read our tips first.

Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail

Did you know that numerous studies have shown that pets are good for children? For example, young adults who used to have a pet as a child would have greater empathy. For example, they are more focused on social values than young adults who grew up without an animal. But how do you decide which pet to take into your home? And what if a great cute pet takes your heart but later it turns out that your child is allergic? Isn’t a pet dangerous? 

A hamster or a dog?

If you leave this choice to your child, he or she might like to have a pony in the house. But let’s be realistic. Choosing a pet is a conscious choice. You have to think about this. 

What is your living situation? Do you have a garden or just a small balcony on an apartment? Can you stand a bit of clutter or not at all? Are you housewives or do you plan different trips every weekend? All these factors are important when choosing a pet. 

Not every animal is allowed to

Please note that in Belgium you cannot keep any animal as a pet. There is a special list for this. Cats, dogs, hamsters or donkeys are of course no problem. Llamas or alpaccas are also possible nowadays. Monkeys and raccoons then not at all. But there is also a special list for birds. So be sure to check if your choice of pet is allowed.


Niesh showers or skin rash

Nothing is as annoying as a pet that takes your heart and a baby that sneezes or tears your eyes. Allergies are especially common in cats and dogs. Does this resolutely mean that you have to get rid of your animal? No. 

With a dog or cat allergy it’s not about the hair of the animal, but about the skin flakes, saliva and urine. What to do if your child is allergic?

– Keep pets out of the room

– Brush the animal regularly and do this outside

– Provide a floor covering that is easy to keep clean

– Vacuum daily and make sure the furniture is cleaned with a damp cloth

– Let children wash their hands if they have been in contact with the animal

Pets are not harmless

Pets may be cute, but they are certainly not harmless. Every year in Belgium no less than 100,000 people are bitten by a dog. With children this happens most in the face. Always go to the doctor with such a bite.

How to avoid a dog bite?

As a parent it is your job to teach children how to deal with animals. Do this in the right way.

– Teach your child that it can’t just cuddle any dog. Show the right example, if you see someone in the street with a dog, first ask if you can pet the animal. Small children learn a lot through imitation. Therefor:

– Don’t teach your child to run to or away from dogs

– Teach children not to stare at dogs

– Teach children not to lie on or under dogs. Especially if they mean this while playing and also avoid pulling games

– Never let your child disturb a dog that eats or sleeps.

– Never teach your child to play with the dog’s toys as the basket is also off-limits.

If you take the above tips into account and apply them, you’ll be fine. Because believe us, there is nothing more beautiful than an eternal friendship between child and pet.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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