Limited Edition: Wear your art on your sleeve

Credits: Maxime Thys

Loud colours, weeping faces and quotes as: the (non)sense of life. That is the imagery Maxime Thys chose to express herself with in her lastest collection. Let’s have a look at what it is all about.

If your clothes could do the talking, what would you want them to say?

A throwback to summer

Imagine Maxime during a 13 hours long car ride on the French roads. Her eyes fell on the graffiti, numerous on bridges and road signs, often describing the discontent of the population. This is where the idea for the new collection started to brew. 

Once back home, Maxime started to work. She taught herself how to airbrush (previous collections showcased her embroidery talents solely) and quickly understood that this technique has a very big advantage: it allows you to work very freely. So, although she started from a specific idea, she knew that this was a collection that would come together instinctively. 

From the first piece, a second one flowed very organically. She combined her favourite techniques (airbrushing and embroidery) and soon the first part of the collection was ready. Each piece, completely unique in the world, and each with a special message. The contradiction between the beauty in the world and the displeased feelings she had been sitting with for a while.

The second part

Maxime noticed that she had already put a lot of her feelings into the first part of the collection and decided to focus on the aesthetic side of graffiti for the second part. Think: bright colours, fun graphics and streetwear. The result is a limited edition autumn collection of 8 comfy statement pieces with prints. 

The collection consists of 2 sweatsuits (to combine to your heart’s content), 2 longsleeve t-shirts that are perfect to spice up your everyday outfit and one more colorful sweatshirt to top it off. 

Starting November 4th you can order your favourite Maxime Thys statement piece. No matter which item of the collection you order, know that you will receive it in a unique, handpainted package. And ofcourse it will be filled with an Maxime Thys original that is both comfy to wear at home and fun to wear outside.

This article has been written in collaboration with Maxime Thys

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