Let your rooms talk with the Desenio prints

It has been five years since Cindy moved out from her parents home. And while searching for a house, she fell in love with a small historical working house around the city center of Mechelen, Belgium. During the renovations, she painted all the walls white. But today she decided to spice up all the rooms with a touch of color.

It all started last year after several trips around the world. 23 in total, to be exact and the white walls became too boring. The idea was to add a touch of each travel. However coloring the walls in different colors, would be a mess. But as I like to be inspired everywhere I am or go, I was looking for a more durable solution.

The living room and my work space are the two rooms I spend the most time at while being home. That’s why my parents and I have colored the walls last year. The living room has a night blue shade, the work space is covered in my favorite color: Emerald green. Both colors are warm and easy to combine with other colors such as terracotta, violet and vintage pink, which are accent colors you will find back in the decorations I’ve used.

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love

After those two rooms were painted, the other walls were looking boring and too minimalistic. But I did not have any courage to paint my whole house again. That’s why I took the decision to play with frames and art. They can make a room look different within a few minutes. And you can change or switch the atmosphere as much as you like!

All the designs and frames used in the pictures, are from the Scandinavian poster store DESENIO. Their minimalistic, colorful and qualitative designs are easy to mix together and can tell any story you want to share. And last but not least, they have new inspirational pictures every other week! Check out the end of the article for a discount code.

Tropical details in my living room

After traveling fulltime for three years, I got a lot of inspiration from all the adventurous trips. And every time I came back home, I felt like something is missing. The palmtrees, the feeling of being around nature and the warm atmosphere of the holidays. Even if I have to be realistic as I live in Belgium, I knew I could recreate this tropical feeling by adding plants and green pictures.

The palmtree leaves from Desenio are perfect to recreate this atmosphere. Also adding a touch of Mediterranean vibes are helping a lot. The picture of the terrace for example, on the top of my bookcase, and the one from the lady with the flowers in her hair, are balancing perfectly together.

TIP: Always use quotes to break the different designs. Even if you want mix a lot of different pictures, a fun detail makes the decoration complete!

Welcome to my oasis of peace

The bathroom is the latest room I’ve decorated with different golden frames. As I chose a for a vintage bath, I also wanted to maintain the luxurious feeling of the room. Therefor gold was the perfect base color and I’ve added enough greens to recreate an oasis of peace.

In this rooms I’ve picked different designs and mixed them all together, just as I did in the living room. The posters are a combination of a golden leaf picture, one of a lady with flowers on her head and a quote about “Smile More“. And now, every time I walk into my bathroom, I smile.

A touch of pink with YSL

My second “most important” room is my workspace. It’s where I create and brainstorm about new ideas for Blogzine. At the same, it’s also the room where I need to be inspired and feel relaxed so I can work on my projects without being distracted.

Therefor I chose to only decorate the wall behind my desk with the same colors as the accessories: vintage pink and burgundy. They’re also related to the subjects I write the most about: travel and fashion. And with the new YSL frames, I couldn’t be more happy!

Connecting rooms with frames

In between all these rooms, there’s also the hallway. It’s a connection between the different worlds and spaces I’ve created within the years. That’s why black & white posters were the perfect match. And let that be something Desenio has loads of!

From the Parisian architecture, to one line designs and even animals. You name it and they have it! I personally chose to add feminine designs in combination with powerful quotes. Yes, I told you that quotes are the key to mix different posters.

Their newest designs are a mix of adventurous Safari images and strong Black & White pictures of a woman. But if you’re more for the Bohemian style, I recommend you to take a look at their Summer frames that make you feel like you’re in Ibiza. However, discover their picture-walls if you want be inspired!

Last but not least, I have a special discount code to share with you. “CVD25” will give you -25% on all poster orders on the DESENIO webshop till the 21st of May. The code can be used. when ordering your favorite posters but is not working if you pick out frames, handpicked or personalized posters. Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your amazing interior results by tagging us on Social Media.

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with Desenio

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