Las Terrenas: The best places to eat

Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Las Terrenas is without a doubt our favorite getaway. For a relaxing weekend with the boyfriend, for Angelo to go surfing or enjoy a wellness day, or just to taste all the delicious food you can find there! Today Cindy is sharing with you the best places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The best memories are made around the table.

Wake up, breakfast is ready!

It may be well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also my most favorite time of the day. A good breakfast ensures that I can enjoy a moment at the beach or an adventurous excursion full of energy. That is why I have chosen the following places for you with great care:

Les Blondes, Creperie: is ideal if you want to try out the typical and well-known French thin pancakes. They have both savory and sweet options.

Saman Boutique Hotel: Yep, you’ve seen this name come up many times. It is in fact our favorite hotel to stay in and they also have an excellent breakfast! From Yogurt with Granola to coffee cakes, eggs the way you like them, avocado toast and so on. It makes me hungry again!

Sol y Fresh: Do you rather like fresh smoothies and healthy bowls? Then Sol y Fresh in the center of Las Terrenas is your ideal breakfast spot! My favorite? Their Acai smoothies, without a doubt.

Take a break, relax and enjoy the day

Once I’m doing activities or lounging on the beach, I suddenly get extremely hungry around noon. It is then very important to find a cozy place to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Support locals at the beach: When you go to a beach you often have local people selling food or beach bars with fresh fish of the day. Be sure to explore them, that way you are also supporting the locals and can enjoy a delicious, home made meal.

Les Blondes Creperie: Just as for breakfast, Les Blondes is the place to go for delicious pancakes at noon. We personally opt for a savory pancake with salmon, cream cheese and avocado!

Mosquito Beach Bar: One of our favorite places to spend the day is at Mosquito Beach Bar, located on Playa Bonita. You can surf there, relax, eat ice cream and also have great food during the afternoon!

Look back on a great day

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more fun on vacation than looking back on a great day over dinner. And I personally prefer to do that with a view of the sea. In the dark or with sunset, the sound of breaking waves and candlelight. Does it sound cliche? Well sorry not sorry. Because these following restaurants are all great for this setting:

La Yuca Caliente: Located on the beach, this Italian restaurant has the best pizza in town. You can also go there for Churrasco, Mofongo and other local dishes. Be sure to ask for a table with an ocean view here! You will enjoy immensely, trust me.

Porto by Mosquito: From the same owner as Mosquito Beach Bar, on the other side of Las Terrenas you have a wonderful restaurant called “Porto by Mosquito”. Here you can go in the evening for a magical dinner. Why magical? Once you walk in you are immersed in a huge wooden structure with high ceilings, bohemian elements and lots of space! So you can dine here perfectly very personal and private. And the cuisine is mainly with Peruvian infusions. Delicious!

El Dieciocho: Another Italian cuisine is “El Dieciocho”. Angelo has personally already gone to eat here and recommends all the meat dishes tremendously. So I need to go here soon as well to personally discover the delicious dishes.

Of course, there are still so many places we haven’t discovered yet, but luckily we’ll be going back very often! Do you have a must-try address in Las Terrenas? Then share it in the comments and who knows, we might soon update our list with your inspiration included!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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