Kidsproof: summer ready with the collection of Liewood

Credits: Liewood

Belgium has spoiled us with delicious tropical temperatures in recent weeks. Young parents are often a bit unsure how to dress their little one in this climate. But the summer collection of Liewood is ideal for this. Mommy blogster Stephanie already lists her favorites, which you can’t miss with a baby in the house.

I love you more than there are grains of sand on the beach, fish in the sea, and waves in the ocean

UV protective clothing a must

Many young parents have – rightly – the fear that their little baby will burn in the sun. Thanks to swimwear with UV protection you can solve this problem. Did you know that with UV – protective clothing you are protected from as much as 98% of UV rays? Splashing in the water has no effect on this protection. So splashing safely in the water is totally okay here!

Something for every child 

Whether you have a baby in the house, daughter or son, Liewood’s collection has something for everyone. The trendy swim collection for babies is incredibly cute and the girls are spoiled with soft coloured swimsuits or bikinis with prints and details. For the boys there are swimming trunks with cool or funny drawings, which look extremely cool.

Final touch 

Your child enjoys hours of fun in the sand or in the water? In addition to a UV protective bathing suit, it is also important to provide something for head and feet. Liewood’s lovely hats protect you from sunstroke and the cute water scandals protect the feet from the hot sand. Did you know that Liewood summer hats feature the same print as swimwear? Talk about a final touch!

In addition to his beautiful summer collection, Liewood has even more beautiful in the range for baby and child. Are you already a fan of this collection? Then be sure to check out their range of food items, toys or clothing.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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