Join our 30days abs challenge


For the upcoming next three weeks (at least) we will be in quarantine. This is the ideal moment to start a 30 day challenge. What about an abs challenge which is aimed at your abdominal muscles? Nasrien will join you in the abs challenge. It will be hard but you’ll thank her later! 

What exactly does this abs challenge involve and which exercises do you do during the month? We will start really slowly so this should be peanuts for everyone. In the end you become a true abdominal muscle Guru and you will instantly be ready for the Summer. Are you ready?

May the booty get fatter and the belly flatter. Amen!

Start the abs challenge today

Download the checklist & print it out!

Download (click here) and print out the challenge and check off each day you’ve been following the plan. It’s of course very important to combine the challenge with a balanced food plan and to not only eat junkfood or snacks during quarantine. On Blogzine we will continue to inspire to eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. We can do this together!

Keep us posted

We would love to see the results of your abs challenge and discover who has been inspired by our challenges. Tag us on your Social Media with #BlogzineBE or @Blogzine.Be and let’s motivate each other to get our Summer body in no time!

This article has been written in collaboration with @NASRIENCNOPS

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