Jewellery brand in the spotlight: Keelin Design

Credits: Keelin Design

Belgian jewellery brand Keelin Design has a beautiful cat and moon inspired collection. The design are carefully created to add a little something, a personal touch to your outfit. We believe it is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. 

I think beauty is different for everyone but always special.

Keelin Design means beauty

At Keelin Design you can find different kinds of jewellery, from bracelets to necklaces and rings. All products are created with love by owner and designer Ellen. She is a happily married woman and has three beautiful children. They also have two cats, Aya and Rashi. She is a crazy cat lady, as she calls herself, because she loves cats so much. That is also why cat-inspired jewellery is more common in her collection. 

Not only cats but also the moon inspires Ellen. So, the shape of the moon appears regularly in her collections and all of them are slightly infused with magic, she says. 

Keelin means beauty, that’s why she choice this name for her brand. She likes special names and when she came across the name ‘Keelin’, it caught her eyes. Because beauty is different to everyone, but always special. With her jewellery she really wants to emphasise people’s personality and style.

Jewellery therapy

Ellen has always been creative. Creating jewellery designs is something that works therapeutic for her. She uses it to express her emotions in it. 

“I have always been creative. Because I was too busy with things on the side, my creative bug got side tracked. For me it’s a bit therapeutic and that’s what I’ve missed.”

Moreover, she has always been interested in jewellery because it gives the outfit that little bit more spice and gives the person more personality’ according to her.

Most pieces in the collections are earrings, because that’s what she loves to wear the most. Her choice of jewellery always fits her personal style. She wants to stand behind each of her creations.

Keelin Design only offers limited editions. Ellen never makes hundreds of pieces of the same earring, but that’s what makes it special in her eyes: “My collection is always fairly limited so that I can really go for those unique pieces of course.”

Trés Chique Collection

For Mother’s Day she recently released a new collection, Trés Chique. Ellen’s favourite pieces of the collection are the Cleo and Oana earrings, mainly because of their shape and matte finish. The collection’s best sellers are the necklaces and bracelets with or without initials, as well as the earrings.

You can find Keelindesign online at or you can make an appointment to visit her atelier in Anzegem, West-Flanders. 

I like to make time for my customers, 
it is nice to see the face behind the name.

When we talked to Ellen, we could not only see the passion in her eyes but also hear it in her voice. She does everything with love and happiness, as long as she can make someone happy, then she is very happy. My personal favourite are the ‘Noa’ earrings from the ‘Trés Chique’ collection.

You can find Keelindesign online at or you can make an appointment to visit her atelier in Anzegem, West-Flanders. Maybe Keelindesign will become your new favorite jewellery store.

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