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Now that the sunny weather is coming up, a cocktail would certainly taste good. We at Blogzine have collected some of the most delicious recipes to make your very own homemade Margarita. This way, you can enjoy a delicious cocktail in the sun without even having to leave your house. 

But what is the origin of the name Margarita? Margarita refers to Margarita Sames, who got the idea in 1948 at the Mexican seaside resort Acapulco to mix her two favorite drinks. The trendy lady for whom life was one big party did everything possible to give the people present at her extravagant parties the time of their lives. When she got the idea to mix tequila and Cointreau for her next party, the Margarita was born. This cocktail managed to conquer its place in all bars worldwide in the ’70s and is still a great success to this very day. 

If life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila

It’s not just the mix of tequila and Cointreau that makes this cocktail such a hit. The salt at the edge of the glass makes our taste buds more sensitive. So it softens the bitter taste and strengthens the sweeter notes. A Margarita with salt will taste much more complicated than one without. Although the original cocktail makes you dream away to a day at the beach on an exotic island, it is possible to adapt it to any season.

With these three recipes that Cointreau created as an ode to the original Margarita, you can make the sunshine every day. 


The original Margarita

Bring out the Margarita Sames in yourself by putting 30 ml Cointreau50 ml Tequila20 ml fresh lime juice. In the end, add some ice in the shaker. Shake it up, strain, and serve in a cooled glass with a salt rim. To finish, use a lime slice on the edge of the glass. Yum Yum!

The Spring Margarita

This cocktail is inspired by one of the most beautiful love stories of all time. The one of Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. As a tribute to their legendary love, this Margarita combines oranges and roses. These are the respective symbols of India and Persia. As a finishing touch and reference to the love between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, use pink Himalayan salt, which is considered the purest salt in the world.

Would you like to taste this love potion? Then add 5 ml rose syruptwo spritzes with rose water to the original recipe, and replace the common salt with the Himalayan salt. To make it even more romantic, you can finish it off with rose petals.

The Summer Margarita

A summer without strawberries is unimaginable, that’s why this Margarita is the ideal summer cocktail. Add four strawberries to the original recipe and add a fresh sprig of mint to finish it off. The taste of the salt from the Atlantic Ocean enhances the flavor and aroma of the strawberry. A nice fact about this cocktail is that you initially make it with the unique strawberries from Kent. Every year in May, the harvesting season begins in this South English county, a tradition that goes back to the 18th century. They say biting in the first strawberry of the season will make any wish come true. Although we are tempted to go to Kent and make all our wishes come true, any kind of strawberry is suitable for this cocktail.

After writing this article, we got thirsty ourselves. With the Cinco de Maya, the Mexican national holiday approaching, it’s the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mexican atmosphere since the Margarita has the official label of the Cinco de Maya drink and it’s drunk all over the world on this special holiday. Cheers!

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